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JobRouter® Add-Ons

The JobRouter® platform can be extended with additional software from our partners

Together with our partners we have implemented thousands of projects. We are always out there, working to bring digital transformation further and further into organizations. That is why we listen carefully to our customers' process requirements – and take those findings back to our core-development team! Our product development benefits from these experiences and provides JobRouter® with a variety of functions.

In order to develop new features even faster and offer a broad range of JobRouter® components, we work together with our partners to integrate their add-ons and extensions to our platform. You can choose from a variety of JobRouter® add-ons to fit your business requirements.

Extend your JobRouter® platform

  • Add-On


    JRInformer is a system application for Windows which runs in the system tray. It monitors a JobRouter® instance and informs the user about assigned steps.

  • Add-On


    Simple visualizations are beautiful, but you need concrete insights from your data? You need to be able to analyze data, go into depth? You even need to group & filter data across multiple data sources? There is no way around JRVisualize

  • Add-On


    Send user-defined e-mails, create and distribute business cards and appointments? If you need these functions, use the JRReminder, which supports you comfortably with these frequent tasks

  • Add-On


    JRReporter enables sophisticated documents with calculations, barcodes, graphics and other design options in all common formats. Live generation in dialog as well as extended PDF functions round off the package.

  • Add-On


    JRMover makes it easier to distribute or retrieve process attachments from different systems. Additional actions such as renaming and creating directory structures are also supported.

  • Add-On


    JRSpreadImporter imports data from Excel forms or structured Excel files into the JobRouter. Numerous mapping methods allow the flexible determination of the cells and ranges to be imported.

  • Add-On


    Legal requirements require the verification of company data such as the VAT ID. With JRValidator you can perform these and other checks directly from the JobRouter and file the results in a legally compliant manner.

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