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Streamline your process compliance with JobRouter®

Complete business process documentation and audit trails by a push of a button

Complete, one-button process documentation for your business process workflow applications.

Creating documentation after the creation and deployment of a business process application can be a time consuming task. Not so with JobRouter. The built-in documentation function is just the push of a button to create a printout containing the full process documentation with all definitions, designed process flow, user forms, associated job functions and business rules.

This kind of process documentation provides business transparency and is an essential requirement for proof of process compliance. JobRouter process documentation improves accountability and eliminates the time and cost of manually mapping processes.

Integrated Documentation

JobRouter Designer's various built-in documentation tools help you to comprehensively document, log, and comment your business processes. A properly documented process gives you an overview of its structure and a history of the changes made to the process.

Additional process comments allow you to record even more useful information about your process. Record change notes and other information for your process in the process comments. This notation is especially useful when multiple people work on a process. All participants can view the latest process comments to stay informed about the latest adaptations to that process version and add their own comments.

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