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JobRouter® Process Design

Building and Automating Your eForms and Workflow with JobRouter®

JobRouter combines intelligent electronic forms with workflow automation for improved efficiency, control and customer satisfaction. Quickly collect the information you need with dynamic eforms, making it easy to collect and analyze data and automate alerts, tasks, notifications and reporting.

Intelligent and Dynamic eForms

  • Intelligent eforms dynamically show/hide form fields, sections and data so that users see only the data, documents and form fields that they need to accomplish their tasks - no more and no less. This dynamic display is easily controlled and automated with business rules, access rights and/or user input.
  • Create rich digital eforms customized to your specific needs with a large selection of easy-to-insert form fields and behaviors. Options include all the standards like drop-down lists, radio button and file attachments and extend to more sophisticated behaviors like true line-item levels tables, calculations, shared editing and database connections.
  • Efficient data collection, validation, review and routing based on your business rules using flexible and customization eforms that adapt to your way of ding business.
  • Providing greater visibility and make critical data available to those who need it and those who are authorized to view it and take action.

Build eForms that follow the requirements of your daily workflows

eForms Data Validation

  • Easily validate common form fields such as phone numbers, email addresses and date of birth
  • Data validation at the time of input or when the electronic form is submitted
  • eForm input can also be validated against one or more external data sources
  • Field validation automatically checks input against defined settings such as type of data or number of characters and provides feedback to the user so they can correct any errors.

Prepopulate eForm Fields

You can prepopulate form fields with related information pulled from internal or external data sources. This puts all the right information, in the right hands, at the right time  - for greater accuracy and higher productivity.

  • Business department information such as purchase orders, contracts, budgets, invoices, goods received, sales orders, operations and much more can be prepopulated.
  • Prepopulated data helps speed up decision making, approvals and reviews within or between departments like finance, operations, sales and HR or even across the entire enterprise.
  • Customer data such as client, patient or student information can be prepopulated in your eforms and access can be restricted to authorized users.
  • Task and schedule related information such as facility maintenance, equipment calibration, quality assurance or compliance reporting can also be perpopulated, to name just a few.

eForms Third-Party and Enterprise Integrations

​​​​​​Use eForms and automated workflow to share data and documents back and forth with all the other IT systems you use.  Connect your online forms and workflows securely with business systems like your ERP, HIS, EHR, ECM, accounting, operations and human resources software and applications.

Connect your online forms and workflows securely with external data sources using encryption, web services, file uploads, database connections and more.

JobRouter Integrations

Secure Online Forms with Access Controls & Audit Trails

Easily configure your eForms to display only the information that the end user needs and is authorized to see.
Granular access controls can be set for use access based on easily configured business rules as well as user roles and management hierarchy.
Built-in audit trails record every action taken in your workflow processes including both user actions and systems steps for a permanent record of every process instance and all actions.
Enforce compliance standards by automating processes based on business rules that are consistent, explicit, and enforced.

Compliance benefits

Digital Signatures, Electronic Signatures and Audit Trails

  • When an authorized user logs into the JobRouter system, that user's electronic signature is recorded and connected to their actions within a workflow and permanently recorded in a built-in audit trail.
  • You can also collect signatures using a mouse, finger or a stylus on a tablet, laptop or smartphone. This is particular useful when working with offline eforms out in the field or when the signer is an external user such as a customer or vendor who would not be logged in.
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