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Solution Template

Digitize business trip requests - no more paper forms!

The workplace of the future is mobile but even today, employees still travel around quite a bit.

Solution Template

Digital Business Trip Request by JobRouter®

With the JobRouter® Business Trip Request Solution Template, you can easily and efficiently manage all business trip requests. You enter, review and book the requests completely digitally and receive exactly the information you need to make decisions! The template is installed, configured and ready for use in just a few hours! Additional adaptations are of course possible at any time.

What's in the Business Trip Request Template?

Apply for a business trip

Start the step from your JobRouter® dashboard and select the business traveler and any additional passengers, upload relevant documents and enter details of the business trip and financing. For example, you can also set the schedule and export it as iCal.

Apply for resources

Select the resources available, specify the requirements period and any other requirements. Done.

Create a travel report

At the end of the form you can decide whether a travel report should be created. The report is sent to the requester by e-mail after the business trip booking has been processed.

Review and approve business trip application

Business trip requests arrive in the Business Trip (review) box of the supervisor. The supervisor can approve the trip, approve it with a defined condition or send it for correction or rejection with an explanation. In addition, the applicant may be asked to correct the application.

Book resources through back office

After approval by the supervisor (using an approval matrix you define), the requested resources can be booked. Two steps are started for an application in which an advance is requested. One step goes to the accounting department to pay the advance to the applicant, the other step is assigned to the back office.

Edit advance payment

At the same time, the accounting employee responsible receives an e-mail informing him or her that an advance can be paid to the applicant. Applications without advance payments are sent to the Business Trip (booking) inbox.

Complete booking

After the required resources have been booked by the back office, the applicant receives information by e-mail. All documents relating to the business trip will be attached to this e-mail.

Digital Business Trip Request Features

  • Travel period exportable to Outlook
  • Input of an advance request
  • Templates for recurring trips possible
  • Compact itinerary or more detailed itinerary
  • Clear resource booking
  • Automatic start of the Travel Expenses template is possible

Rights and Roles management with JobRouter®

Secure and easy approval

The JobRouter® "Business Trip Request" Solution Template offers the possibility to electronically enter applications for business trips of any kind and to send them automatically to a pre-defined manager for approval, with only one click. Business rules and roles ensure that authorizations are managed smoothly and that requests are routered for approval to the correct manager with the correct information. Additionally, you can define roles in the approval matrix that can approve cost changes according to a pre-defined level.

Flexibility based on business need

Easily collect and route all important data

It does not matter what resources are needed for the business trip (hotel, means of transport, advance payment...) or what specific options are offered by the company. JobRouter allows you to easily define any resource, extend or remove them as required and easily select them in the process.

You can also specify whether the travel resources are to be booked by your back office staff or by the applicant. In the JobRouter® platform, this can be simply defined using the approval matrix.

You can also easily define how requests are to be routed for approval. You can set dollar approval thresholds and routing based on department and/or management heirarchy.  Multiple approvals can be configured and large dollar value requests can be routed directly to senior management.

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