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Content management has never been smarter

JobRouter® combines low-code process management with agile document management

Immediate access to all relevant documents from your automated business processes - anytime, anywhere, across systems.

Digitizing and filing documents is a thing of the past. With the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform you get everything from your content. For example, review and process accounts payable invoices directly on the monitor, approve them and save everything in the integrated JobRouter® archive in a revision-proof manner. Thanks to the flexible rights and role management, you also benefit from improved traceability, control and compliance and the ability to react efficiently to organizational changes.

Classic DMS systems include document filing, search and editing. That is too little for the digital office. At JobRouter®, we understand agile document management to mean the complete range of document functions required to create end-to-end processes and efficient applications.

It is quite simple: Enterprise digitization is holistic - neither exclusively with nor without documents. Today, content management is a commodity that we offer on our platform. This offer can, but does not have to be used. The customer has the choice.

Marcus Nagel
Marcus Nagel
JobRouter AG

Stop managing your documents, work with them!

With JobRouter®, digital document work is always a symbiosis of process and document management. JobRouter® processes can be configured with or without document reference and contain functions that automatically control access to or action on a document.

With the JobArchive module, JobRouter® also offers a legally compliant archive that is completely integrated into the digitization platform. With the DocumentHub, documents and receipts can be managed anytime and anywhere and opened and edited via the JobViewer.

Users thus work comfortably in one interface and process designers do not have to spend time on complex interface configurations. Finally, each JobRouter® process is documented with all steps, documents and actions, so that users receive certifiable processes.

Get to know all document management features

  • Input Management

  • Display and processing of documents

  • Archiving of documents

  • Management of documents in personalized clipboards

  • Utilization of structured data

  • Output-Management

Advantages of integrated document management

  • Mapping document workflows company-wide
  • Automatically synchronizes documents between devices, systems and archives
  • No separate rights and role management necessary
  • Fully documented, comprehensible processes
  • All changes to documents are documented
  • Simple archive overview through document de-duplication and versioning
  • Prevents media breaks and interface configurations
  • Saves documents in a revision-proof manner
  • Can be configured to automatically deletes documents and inform about upcoming deadlines
  • Easy integration with Windows Explorer, Outlook and more
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