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Bring future of work to the table

Content management has never been smarter

Company-wide, device independent, always available.

Digitizing and filing documents is a thing of the past. With the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform you get everything from your content. For example, review and process accounts payable invoices directly on the monitor, approve them and save everything in the integrated JobRouter® archive in a revision-proof manner. Thanks to the flexible rights and role management, you also benefit from improved traceability, control and compliance and the ability to react efficiently to organizational changes.

Documents are part of your business work, but not every business process. This requires a rethinking of your digital strategy and a system that allows for this change.

Work with your documents – networked in one feature-rich platform!

  • Resubmission and revision of documents

    Many documents in everyday business have to be regularly checked, modified and released again. For example, these could be process descriptions or procedural instructions. A process that in many companies is coordinated manually or by e-mail. Easily digit

  • Document approval

    Daily contracts, offers, press releases and many other documents are created and often require the cooperation of several colleagues.

  • Candidate management

    Personnel files and applications must always be kept up-to-date, secure and administered, not only for economic reasons. Since GDPR, the protection of personal data has played an even more important role, which can increase the effort enormously.

JobRouter® is the integrated solution for agile document management.

JobRouter® facilitates all intermediate steps from the digitization and conversion of a document, through the extraction and correct recognition of the content to the joint creation of documents. It automates recurring processes and controls all tasks along a defined rights and role management. Review documents and requests on your preferred device, approve them with a single click or affix your signature and stamp - there are countless possibilities.

Thanks to numerous additional modules & functions, JobRouter® deployment scenarios remain almost endless.

Automatically create and fill user-defined documents in JobRouter®.

Did you know that you can securely and automatically merge all data collected or transferred to your JobRouter® business process with document templates, image documents, text modules, digital signatures and graphics to create new documents?

Documents or sets of documents created in this way are consistent, up-to-date and linked to your business process. Documents can be downloaded and printed with controlled access. You can also automate hands-free emailing to specific recipients.

JobArchive - An integral part of the JobRouter® system

The optional JobArchive module complements the JobRouter® platform to provide a complete, integrated electronic document management system that provides instant access to documents with central filing, fast search and access control.

Key features

  • Any number, size or type of document
  • Any number of document archives
  • View, download and print authorized users
  • Integrate Archiving with Processes
  • Access controls for document security

JobViewer 2 - The intelligent way to edit documents

JobViewer 2 is a viewer perfectly integrated in JobRouter® for document viewing and editing in the browser. It can be used in all places where documents are displayed. JobViewer 2 is primarily intended for working with typical company documents and receipts and therefore supports the following formats: PDF, image, office and text files.

Key features

  • Web-based - Displays all documents conveniently in the browser
  • Annotations - Applies texts, forms and drawings to documents
  • Stamp - Allows you to stamp a document in connection with the process step
  • Snap & Drop - Adds texts to processes and forms
  • Traceability - Seamless integration into the workflow

JobRouter® ScanApp - Agile document management on the go

Using the JobRouter® Scan App for iOS and Android, users can access their DocumentHub on the move and fill it with their documents. They can either scan documents directly, take photos or upload documents from the local gallery to the DocumentHub and immediately use them as PDFs in processes or archives.

DocumentHub - More than just an intelligent clipboard

With the integrated DocumentHub JobRouter® now offers a collection point for all types of documents. These documents can either be copied directly to the DocumentHub on the PC or captured on the move, e.g. expense receipts, certificates or invoices. Everything is automatically synchronized and made available in the corresponding process.

JobRotuer Sign - integrated electronic signatures

Sign any kind of document, like employee and service contracts or order confirmations completely digitally - clear, secure and simple, without any paper.  JobRouter Sign is your mobile and desktop tool of choice for seamless and compliant digital signatures!

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