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Process digitization & document management as one

A fully integrated digital archive that manages all documents and data: JobArchive

The JobRouter® JobArchive is much more than a digital storage. It is a complete document management system integrated into the digitization platform with intelligent document recognition and functions for joint editing and creation of documents. It goes without saying that you can save any documents in a revision-proof manner, use them in corresponding processes or open and edit them in JobViewer. This unique approach merges process and document management into one integrated solution: the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform.

JobRouter® JobArchive

Unbeatable Content Management Features

The JobRouter® document archive JobArchive is flexible and enables continuous digital work - cross-system, person-related, audit-proof and documented at any time.

Benefit from the advantages of an integrated archive

Using integrations, certain functions or external applications can be directly made accessible in a JobRouter® process. For example, they can link the contents of a website or add a document as an attachment to the dialog.

The integration of the archive into the JobRouter® business processes takes place via a system activity as well as via dialog elements and a dialog integration for displaying documents in the viewer. The process thus controls the rights to display documents, which facilitates and automatically regulates access during the course of the process. This means that documents can be used or archived anywhere within any process - and not just within the defined document workflow. Learn more about agile document management with Jobrouter®.

Easy integration of the JobRouter® archive into other applications

In many cases it is necessary to call documents from other programs. For example, a user wants to be able to follow a direct link from the ERP system to the archived document without having to perform a manual search in the archive. JobArchive offers URL integration for this purpose. Individual URLs are created and a single document is linked or a hit list is generated. The user can choose whether the document is to be opened in the viewer or is only available as a download.

JobArchive - Integrated access rights to your documents

When accessing documents from a workflow application, JobRouter® users benefit from an integrated rights management in JobRouter® for accessing and viewing all case-related documents. This means that anyone working on a workflow instance with multiple archived documents can access and view these documents at the touch of a button.

Even if JobRouter® steps have been sent to substitutions or assigned to different users, these substitutions and users have the appropriate rights to access these case-related documents. Separate rights management for these documents in a DMS system is no longer necessary, so you no longer have to maintain these rights separately.

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