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JobRouter® Digital Process Automation

More than workflow management, more than classic BPM, ECM or DMS

The JobRouter® platform connects everything. Experience the new way of process digitization: low-code, fast, customized.

Digitization should be fast, but most companies don't want to start with a big commitment - they want to start small. Digital Process Automation (DPA) does just that! They start with smaller, more agile projects and as a result digitize far more business processes - without compromising complexity and adaptability.

Digital Process Automation - Enterprise digitization has never been easier

Today, digitization is about much more than simple cost reduction - it is supposed to increase efficiencies throughout the entire company. The JobRouter® low-code platform is ideally suited to meet these requirements. Take advantage of the versatile possibilities with JobRouter® to quickly digitize even simple processes, for example with our Solution Templates which are standardized process templates for very popular business processes.

JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Key Features

  • High process functionality
  • Low code approach for process digitization & office automation
  • Fast application development
  • Keep it simple - in contrast to highly complex solutions
  • Broad use in the company
  • Simple and flexible change management
  • Moderate prices

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Benefit from Document and Process Automation combined with Data Intelligence:

  • Implementation of many smaller processes as well as
  • Implementation of complex, customized processes
  • Faster project completion
  • Lower entry costs
  • Easier integration of innovative (new) technologies
  • Better distribution of resources
  • Higher acceptance in the company, as more employees are involved in the processes

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Digital Process Automation: Pay as you go, pay as you grow - expand by project
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