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JobRouter® Solution Template

Efficient processing and management of sick leave notifications with JobRouter®

Digitize absence management and manage employee sick leave absences efficiently - on the go, anywhere, anytime.

The "JobSickLeave" Solution Template offers you the possibility to start and manage sick leave notifications for yourself or for other employees. The process controls all tasks according to a defined rights and role management, so that you don't have to worry about lost information.

Digital sick leave report features

  • Quick notification of illness for yourself or a colleague
  • Possibility of attaching a medical note or certificate immediately or submitting it later
  • You can inform colleagues about the absence
  • Personnel department has an overview of all sick leave notifications

This is what the Sick Leave Notification Solution Template contains

Starting a sick leave report process

A sick report process can be started directly via the JobRouter input box. The applicant receives additional instructions on how to fill in the form so that the error rate can be reduced and a smooth process can be guaranteed. If the applicant is different from the sick employee, they enter the appropriate name and the start date and, if applicable, end date of the absence.

Upload medical certificate

If a medical certificate or doctor's  note  is already available, it can simply be uploaded by drag&drop using the upload icon. Otherwise, the employee can activate a checkbox to leave the end of the absence open and submit the necessary certificate later.

Sending the sick report

If necessary, the applicant may leave a comment to inform colleagues and then they can 'send' the step. Depending on what information is available, the process flow now changes. If a medical note was uploaded, the personnel department can classify and complete the sick leave report. If no medical note is available, a notification step is initiated to remind the employee accordingly.

Completing the sick report process

As soon as the medical certificate has been submitted, the process is completed. All data and information was circulated and archived in a traceable manner.

What would you like to do next?

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