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Travel Expense Solution Template

No more paperwork: Digitally submit, manage and track travel expense reports at any time

In addition to business trip requests, travel expense accounting is one of the most complex processes for employees. A lot of details and information must be compiled and made available to the company in a comprehensible manner. This includes items like receipts, invoices, arrival and departure dates, accommodation and meals.

The JobRouter® Travel Expense Solution Template offers a ready-to-use process template for digital travel expense accounting which bundles all information and makes it available to all participating employees and departments in an individual workflow. Invoices and receipts can be captured digitally and processed in the process, while the process automatically reminds users of missing information and continues.

Solution Template

Travel Expense Reports with JobRouter®

The Travel Expenses Solution Template is the ideal supplement to the Business Travel Request Solution Template and thus enables comprehensive and transparent processing of all business-related trips.

Travel Expense Report Features

  • Information can be taken from a previously completed travel request form
  • Country-dependent expense calculation for absence days
  • Receipts can be submitted analogously or digitally
  • Costs can be split as desired (cost centers)
  • It is possible to specify the entertained persons
  • Possibility to consider the tips
  • Retrospective conversion of local currency into EUR on the payment day
  • Fixed kilometer allowance for private cars
  • Selection of the desired disbursement type
Digitally submit, manage and track travel expense reports at any time
In addition to business trip requests, travel expense accounting is one of the most complex processes for employees.

What's in the Travel Expense Report Template?

Initiate Travel Expense Report

You can initiate your travel expense report by clicking on "Request Travel Expense Reimbursement" in your JobRouter® inbox or activate the automatic travel expense report via a checkbox in the travel request form. In this case, the travel expense statement is triggered at the end of the business trip and you are reminded to complete your expense report.

Fill out the Travel Expense Report

If you create a new accounting run, you now have the option of entering all data again or choosing from a template of already completed travel expense reports and further reducing the processing time.

Enter information about your Business Trip

You specify the start and end time of the trip, the type of accommodation, all necessary transfers and any advance payments and possible fellow travelers. Optionally, you can also assign your business trip to a cost center.

Manage additional subsistence allowances and accommodation costs

If you've spent more than eight hours on a business trip, you can manage your subsistence allowances. You can define a destination and which meals you received free of charge, such as breakfast at a hotel, or whether you paid for a business lunch for each day individually.

JobRouter® calculates

JobRouter® automatically calculates the resulting flat rates and even converts foreign currencies. These are offset against any advance payments made by the company.

Travel Expense Report Approvals

Once you have entered all the data and attached the necessary documents, the personnel department is assigned a processing step. If your approval matrix regulates the amount to be reimbursed, the relevant manager is also informed. This adds security and transparency with regard to the workflows and access to personal data.

Conclude Travel Expense Report

If all managers have approved the travel expense report, payment can be initiated. The remaining amount is then paid out by the accounting department in the required form (cash, bank transfer, settlement). You will then receive a JobRouter® confirmation step and can complete the process.

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