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Document Hub - intelligent and mobile file storage in JobRouter®

The JobRouter® Document Hub automatically manages any document from any end device and processes it in the desired process.

Many JobRouter® processes use documents that are attached to the process by the participating users in the course of the process. These can be locally available files or often documents that have yet to be digitized. With the JobRouter® 4.3 release the Document Hub is now available, an integrated collection point for all types of documents. These documents can either be copied directly to the Document Hub on the PC or captured on the move.

JobRouter® Document Hub – available anywhere, anytime

Personal view & history

The Document Hub is available to every user. It stores a personal list of documents that only the user has access to - on the desktop, from any mobile device and from the JobRouter® Scan App.

Add documents

New documents can be uploaded at any time via the Document Hub icon both in the app and on the desktop. Either using the Drag & Drop function or the selection list and document search.

Display documents

With just one click, all documents in the DocumentHub can be opened and viewed in detail in the JobRouter® Viewer.

Leave comments

Would you like to edit a document later or save further information about it? The DocumentHub offers the possibility to leave comments for each file.

Automatic PDF conversion

Upload any documents into the DocumentHub such as images, receipts, invoices or contracts - and use them as automatically generated PDFs in the corresponding process.

Direct access from processes & archives

The DocumentHub can be accessed directly in the upload dialog for attachment fields in processes as well as in the storage and index dialogs of JobArchive. Documents can be easily dragged and dropped by the user from the hub or moved to the archive.

Automatic Synchronization

Newly received files are automatically displayed and signaled to the user - no matter on which device. This keeps the Document Hub always up to date, avoids duplicates and provides security over all steps.

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