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JobRouter® Solution Templates

Manage employee onboardings completely digitally and improve employee satisfaction

With the Solution Template Employee Onboarding you can manage all personal data and information on new employees centrally and in compliance with data protection regulations. This provides HR and finance managers with a regulated insight and overview of individual employees, their competencies and rights as well as roles and can thus significantly reduce the administrative effort. 

JobRouter® Solution Template

Employee Onboarding Features

  • Recording of all desired personal data such as direct deposit details, tax and benefits forms, working hours, contract or non-disclosure forms, etc. (e.g. for the digital personnel file)
  • Documents that the employee must sign before starting work can be sent via the process.
  • Colleagues are informed in good time; job description, workstation setup, provision of work materials, uploaded documents.
  • All accounts and domain accesses are requested automatically.
  • Assignment of a mentor who is the contact person for the new employee.
  • Control of all workplace-related approval processes and complete documentation of the requested authorizations and accesses as well as approvals by superiors.

What's in the Employee Onboarding Solution Template?

Collect personal data

In the first step, you can enter personal data such as place of birth, nationality, photo, and educational level as well as information on the contract type and the selected settlement. Manage it all via a JobData table and inform the relevant superiors.

Set up work environment

You then set up the workstation. Select the leading JobRouter® language, defined attachments and resources required for the workstation and store those as templates. You select all required resources as well as the responsible persons and define a date by which the procurement must be completed. To do this, you can include other cemployees and assign them specific tasks.

Edit employment papers and documents

The next step is to optimize employee communication. The employee onboarding process enables you to make additional documents available to the new employee before he or she starts work or to send them documents for signing. Share documents like job descriptions URL or PDF files with colleagues for preliminary information. All information is stored in the corresponding personnel file.

Release employee onboarding

The employee onboarding commissioned by the personnel department must now be approved by the relevant superiors. The supervisor can now edit all data and release or reject onboarding. In this case, a reason must be given.

Create JobRouter users and domain users

Now users can be created for JobRouter and corresponding domains based on the data from the onboarding process. The job description and further information are either displayed as a dialog integration or can be called up by a click.

Perform employee onboarding

Once all the data has been created, onboarding can begin. Employees who play a role in the new colleague's integration process are automatically notified and assigned a task. The progress is documented in the JobRouter inbox. 

Create onboarding log

Once all tasks have been completed, an onboarding log is created in PDF format and archived in the employee's personnel file. It contains all information about the completed tasks of the supervisors as well as the workplace-related procurements and documents. HR managers can view the collected information via the personnel file.

What would you like to do next?

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