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Change Management and Exception Handling in JobRouter® processes

It will come as no surprise to anyone running a business that 80% of the problems in business processes are usually tied-up in 20% of the work - mostly caused by exceptions. That 80/20 rule is especially true in business processes like accounts payable and accounts receivable where exceptions can slow processing and adversely affect cash flow.  Businesses that automate their accounting processes can often experience a 40-60% savings.

JobRouter makes it easy to automate all of your key business processes with full support for modeling and automating custom exception handling for both expected and unexpected business related exceptions.

Business related exception handling in DPA - the 80/20 rule!

Typical business process exception handling types and events you can solve with JobRouter®

  • Rollbacks

    Rollbacks are an exception handling type that trigger related process execution steps to be retracted and restarted. Rollbacks can be modeled to occur within the workflow steps based on business rules.

  • Execution of rollbacks

    Rollbacks can also be executed at any time by authorized managers who have been given process oversight and monitoring control. These managers can see all process instances, completed and current.

  • Deadlines

    Deadline based exceptions occur when a specific task has not been started, acted upon, or completed within a predetermined period of time. This kind of exception can be set to trigger any number of successive reminders, notifications, and escalations.

  • Escalation of deadlines

    It can also be set to automatically reassign the task to another user or manager if a specific date/time has passed without action. Tasks may also be reassigned manually by a manager or user.

  • Resource unavailability

    Another type of exception occurs where one or more data resources are not available and the process cannot proceed. This could be because the data cannot be found or because it does not match what is expected.

  • User unavailability

    It also could be that the user assigned for that specific task is unavailable. These exceptions can be automatically detected and either automatically or manually routed to a sub-workflow task and authorized user to resolve.

  • External triggers

    Business process automation often involves two-way integration with other business systems such as accounting or ERP systems. Custom exception handling routines and notifications can be set to trigger based on events in those other systems

  • Validation exception handling

    Initial validation exception handling is designed to catch exceptions as soon as the workflow is started. For example, in an accounts payable three-way matching: Automatically pull-in and compare data from invoices, purchase orders & goods received docs.

  • Resolve issues

    Based on business rules, discrepancies at this initial validation system step can be set to trigger specific sub-workflows that would route the instance to the appropriate user with the authority to resolve the issue.

Eliminate Sneaker-Mail:

Capture communications in the process

It can be challenging to collect all information about a process, process interactions and communications. With JobRouter® process communication is captured automatically. This will not only improve transparency and traceability throughout all work steps but boost your efficiency and lower costs for auditing.

In-process communication

JobRouter gives users the ability to exchange communications with other team members and managers during the execution of a business process - within the process. They can ask questions and receive answers without resorting to sneaker-mail and verbal communications which are often lost. These communications are captured by JobRouter and attached to the process instance and are recorded as part of the permanent audit trail for that process instance.

Archive e-mails directly from Outlook

The JobMail Connect module allows you to archive your business-relevant emails directly from the email client by integrating a JobRouter Document Archive into Microsoft Exchange and all Outlook versions from 2010 on. This reduces the load on your e-mail system and creates central filing in the document pool. Your archived documents are stored in an audit-proof, long-term archived and can be retrieved at any time.

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