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An elephant's memory

Document management with JobArchive - half a million documents

Elephants never forget. They are able to memorize the location of vital water sources in a kind of mental memory map. They owe their survival to this reliable way of finding the water again, even after many years. In everyday business, digital storage systems such as JobArchive are responsible for the "elephant memory" of a company. This is a 'heavyweight' report on process-oriented thinking and the relocation of around half a million documents to a digital archive.

Measured by the life expectancy of elephants - they can live up to 90 years in the wild - the reference company, an ICT specialist in southern Germany, has only just reached the halfway point. The successful medium-sized company is growing constantly and maintains numerous branches in Germany. When the number of employees reached 500, it was time to reorganize their internal business processes. The powerful JobRouter® Digital Process Automation platform was the chosen solution.

Scalable, universal, ISO compliant

Three good reasons made JobRouter the right choice.

First, the solution had to be scalable for further growth. Second, it had to ensured that processes would meet all the certified requirements of the business divisions. Third, the existing heterogeneous system landscape consisting of databases, intranet, ERP system, office programs and existing archive needed to be unified.

Not a problem for the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation platform. As a central platform and universal interface, JobRouter processes data and documents in such an efficient way that employees prefer to work with the self-explanatory and easy-to-use JobRouter® system rather than their ERP.

Streamlining AP processing

Time and money saved

Looking back: Before storage issues, there is the inbox. Every work day, hundreds of invoices were processed manually at the company. In the first step towards digial process automation, the employees learn to rethink the incoming invoice process in a workshop where established process flows are identified and split into process steps and standardized. The workflow is then designed as a roadmap using JobRouter's graphical workflow designer.

First success: The new AP process is faster, making it possible for the company to take advantage of cash discounts in a timely manner. Inspired by those results, more processes were optimized and streamlined, such as the purchasing requisition, work time corrections, approval of payment runs by management, vacation approval, and complex reporting and quality processes.

Half-a-million older files

Intelligent Archiving with JobArchive

While the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation platform was storing new documents in an revision-proof electronic archive, hundred-of-thousands of older files were waiting to be moved to the JobArchive document management module. The migration was split in system steps for added safety. In the process, duplicate data is immediately removed thanks to the systems' ability to recognize and remember. Just as elephants recognize themselves in the mirror, JobArchive recognizes and removes duplicate copies - even across archives.

These intelligent features show that our comparison with elephant memory is not far off, because JobArchive memorizes everything and forgets nothing:

  • Simple administration, indexing and archiving of any file
  • Includes JobViewer to display 300+ file types in the browser
  • Deduplication and version control of archives
  • Seamless integration into JobRouter processes
  • Integrated rights management
  • Multi-lingual archives (available for JobRouter Enterprise)
  • Audit-trail records all document events
  • Direct access to documents from the inbox
  • Access to documents or results lists from external programs

JobRouter is helping this growing ICT company to prosper in the second half - measured in elephant's years.

  • JobArchive Module Overview

    JobArchive is a complete, integrated electronic document management system for short or long-term storage.

  • JobPDF Module Overview

    Create customized PDF files using process data and templates. Read, write, or fill-out existing PDFs.

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