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JobRouter® Solution Template

Digitally manage internal auctions of company property and offer auctions for employees

Release hardware, office furniture and other property no longer needed for your employees to take action and manage everything digitally.

In every company, things accumulate that are no longer needed at some point, e.g.  Smartphones and other hardware, office furniture or utensils. With the JobRouter® Solution Template JobAuction, both employees and the company can release these items for auction and make them available to colleagues.

JobAuction Features

  • Immediate purchase or bidding possible
  • Runtime can be chosen arbitrarily
  • Add unlimited number of images to each auction
  • Revenues can be donated via appropriate labelling
  • Shipping or collection possible

What's in the JobRouter® Solution Template JobAuction?

Auction setup

The auction initiator gives a description of the article as well as the auction duration, determines the conditions for the auction and can upload as many accompanying pictures as desired.

Set payment options

When creating an auction, you can choose between different payment and shipping methods for the item, as well as specify an Instant Buy option with a fixed amount. It is also possible to donate the auctioned amount of an item to a good cause.

Keep an overview of your bids

The overview list shows you all active auctions and gives you first information about the items to be auctioned.

Place bid

To buy an item at auction, either select it from the overview list and place your bid there, or buy the item with the specified buy-it-now option.