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JobRouter® Solution Template

Efficient Accounts Payable Processing and Management

Time is money – this is also true for the editing of invoices. With a digital  Accounts Payable Process  you keep the overview and ensure the use of received discounts.


Every company has to deals with invoices – sooner or later. If numerous invoices arrive at the same time, partly in paper form, it is often hard to manage the release process. The issue can be addressed by the Accounts Payable Solution Template. With this template you can manage incoming invoice processes, starting from invoice recording via the control up to its release. Through an account assignment table it is also possible to allocate individual costs to different cost centers, such as departments or persons, and get a cost approval. Often the challenge for the company is to process different analog and digital invoice sources quickly and cost-effectively. This can lead to a loss of discounts. Here the Accounts Payable Solution Template also helps: Invoices are read automatically via OCR and are recorded in the system. Additionally, price discounts can be entered easily in a predefined field.

With the Accounts Payable Solution Template you are getting much closer to the paperless office.

Features on one glance

  • start through e-mail, FTP or manually
  • reading of incoming invoices via OCR
  • archiving of incoming invoices
  • recording of payment condition
  • assignment or verification through a dispatcher
  • possibility to add attachments to a process
  • comment function
  • account assignment table
  • creation of booking records

This is included in the Accounts Payable Solution Template

supplied widgets
supplied widgets

Supplied widgets

When purchasing the Incoming Invoice Processing Solution Template a series of useful widgets for your daily work with invoices is supplied: You can analyze the allocation of the costs to individual departments or projects on your JobRouter® dashboard, view the sum of all invoices broke down by weeks, months, quarters, and years, and see, which cost centers have open invoice processes.

Dispatcher starts

Dispatcher starts incoming invoice process

There are different ways to feed invoices into your JobRouter®: Either as manual upload, as automated scanning process and FTP transmission, or via e-mail. In one of the first steps the most important data are automatically read from the invoice via OCR. Then the dispatcher, for example a group of persons or one person in charge, is informed about the started process. He verifies the read data and can add further information to the table, such as payment conditions and discounts. Additionally, there is the possibility to assign individual cost components to different tax rates.

Dispatcher starts
Factual verification and assignment table
Factual verification and assignment table

Factual verification and account assignment table

The dispatcher determines also, how to handle the factual verification. He can skip it, assign it to a specific person, or have it performed according to a specific position. Complementarily, he can assign amounts to individual cost centers, departments or persons in the account assignment table.

Start release process

Apart from the dispatcher there are seven further inboxes to which an invoice can be submitted: factual verification, approval, general management, release through purchaser, accounting, reject, and booking records. If one process step is not needed, it can be skipped. Invoices can be rejected from the auditor of the respective inbox. In this case the invoice goes to the inbox “Reject”.

Overview of all open and already booked receipts
Overview of all open and already booked receipts

Overview of all open and already booked receipts

The Solution Templates offers two additional overview functions: You can view all open receipts as well as all ever booked invoices in one table.

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