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JobRouter® Solution Template

DocGeneration - Joint document creation and signature

Work together will your colleagues on documents, contracts or publications and get immediate and transparent feedback.

The "DocGeneration" Solution Template is a complete, web-based collaboration tool that can be perfectly integrated into the JobRouter® platform and installed in less than no time. The Solution Template takes up functions of already established collaboration tools such as GoogleDocs or Office365 and extends them by intelligent features such as the digital signature and a deeply integrated role and rights management.

DocGeneration enables you to create documents and content jointly and to edit them continuously in one interface - even up to the final storage in, for example, a digital archive.

Your benefit

Digital document creation features

Your benefit

Digital document creation features

  • Simultaneous editing of Word documents
  • Differentiated rights management (editor, reader, commenter & approver)
  • Change history in the Word document can be viewed at any time
  • Secure project management with integrated release function
  • Setting two date values for escalations
  • Digital signing function also for external partners
  • Microsoft Word is NOT required
  • Continuous working in one surface
  • Chat function for queries and work instructions

What's in the DocGeneration template?

Create document

In a first step, a document owner creates a new document or uploads an existing template, adds a project and task description as well as a processing duration time.  Addtional persons can now be invited to participate in processing the document based on their assigned role as Reader, Commenter, Editor or Approver. The document manager can also be a member of these roles giving them rights to view and check information on the document.

DocGeneration facilitates traceability

All persons who have been assigned a role now receive a step in their inbox prompting them to view or edit the document. The document manager has access to a monitoring inbox from which communication with all project participants can be managed. The manager can also set deadlines and escalation data and change them if necessary. All functionalities of the JobRouter® JobDocs module are available.

Edit documents

All project participants can work on the document simultaneously - in parallel - and see changes in real time. In addition, changes to the document are recorded in a personal transaction history that records and displays all comments, annotations and formatting changes.

Check document

Once all tasks have been completed, the document can be checked for requirements and completeness in JobRouter® and forwarded for approval.

Approve document

All persons with the role "Approver" then receive a note and can approve the document or request changes. A second approval pass can be used to add more or completely new participants while removing others from the first pass.

Sign document

It is possible to have any number of people digitally sign the document, both in sequence and in parallel. External participants can also be informed about the final document by email and asked to sign. They reach the final document via a link and do not need a JobRouter account. Signers can choose between three signature options; initial, first & last name or free text. The "DocGeneration" Solution Template also offers a seamless interface to DocuSign, allowing you to sign sensitive documents or contracts with ease.

Archive document

The document manager receives a PDF for archiving. You can use the revision-proof JobRouter® document archive JobArchive to store ad easily access your company files and documents.