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JobRouter® Digital Process Automation

Lean processes – What does this mean?

Processes are streamlined using the JobRouter® digitization platform and optimized for digital work.

Processes using the JobRouter® digitization platform are streamlined, optimized and lean. This means the effort required to maintain index data is reduced, media breaks are avoided, adjusting document orientation is easy, inefficient steps are automated and transparency is created so that control and clarity are always just a click away.

JobRouter® system activities are used to make business processes run efficiently and error-free. These functions are designed to save the user from monotonous activities. They can be configured to run without user interaction, such creating users or user roles and monitoring directories. They can also function as interfaces to other systems, helping to create lean processes, eliminate rekeying and optimize communication across the entire company. A selection of system activities are included in the JobRouter® basic application and additional system activities and modules can be implemented according to the process.

JobRouter® processes are not only digital - but lean!

JobRouter® makes it easier than ever to define process requirements in advance - or adapt them afterwards. All processes, screen dialogs, rules and data required for a process are defined in advance and developed, tested and documented with the JobRouter® Designer. Thanks to the low-code approach, simple processes can be created without any programming knowledge. For complex tasks the JobRouter® Designer also provides a perfect environment for programming in JavaScript, SQL, .Net or PHP.

Finally, the consistent use of web technology makes it just as easy to map, control or monitor cross-location processes. This is the basis for collaborative work 4.0!

  • No media discontinuity - because JobRouter® interacts with your systems and employees
  • Slim - because JobRouter® implements real digital processes
  • Efficient - because JobRouter® reduces additional manual effort
  • Individual - because JobRouter® adapts to your requirements and wishes

Business process owners gain visibility into process performance

Top-performing companies make it a priority to continuously assess current processes to identify and prioritize opportunities for process improvement.  The JobRouter BPM System give managers and business process owners the ability to monitor and improve the performance of their automated workflows and processes.

Process improvement can involve making changes to business rules, business data, system interfaces, or modifying the flow of the business process.

A process improvement cycle can include activities that range from process analysis, process modeling, process validation, and process implementation to process monitoring. The goal is to enhance the productivity and experience of the end users of the business process.

Process Monitoring, Auditing and Transparency

  • JobRouter stores all process incident data in an SQL database and there are numerous ways to easily analyze the process data to uncover process improvement opportunities.
  • Whenever the question of who has done what and why arises, JobRouter is able to answer with complete audit trails. Every action is dated, user-stamped, logged and archived.
  • Process improvements are easy to implement and to verify by using JobRouter’s simulation mode. For easy maintenance, built-in process versioning gives you control over the different development stages for every process.

Separation of Duties and Granular Access Rights

  • JobRouter instances and steps are monitored and directed by process owners. Individual users can be given various rights allowing them to manage processes and to take certain actions, including assignment, rollback of steps, and export of instances. Once named as a process owner for a process, the user gains access to the administration functions, accessible via the JobRouter navigation menu.
  • The optional JobSelect module allows you to examine, filter, and summarize any process data. Views allow you to make available to authorized users additional data in the form of a convenient list that can be used to work on a step. You may extract this data from the JobRouter database as well as in relation with external data sources.

Deploying New and Improved Processes

JobRouter gives process owners the ability to continually deploy new and improved versions of business processes by providing:

  • Visibility into the performance of existing processes
  • Tools to analyze the outcome of proposed modifications to processes
  • An all-in-one platform for remodeling, validating and implementing new process versions

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  • Digital Process Automation

    Lean processes – What does this mean?

    Processes are streamlined using the JobRouter® digitization platform and optimized for digital work.

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