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JobRouter® Solution Template

Improve your employee satisfaction with a seamless digital leave request and ensure clarity and transparency at all times!

Digitize your holiday application with the JobRouter® digitization platform from the application stage through approval and colleague information and reduce process times and uncertainties in the company.

In Germany, there is a statutory minimum leave of 24 days for a five-day week and 20 working days per month. This makes the application for leave a necessary process, which is used in every company. With the Solution Template Leave Request, you receive a process template that employees can use to request and manage vacation and view vacation information.

This is included in the Leave Request Solution Template

Define leave per employee

The personnel department can store the leave entitlement defined in the employment contract for each employee individually and manage the information in the personnel file, for example.

Apply for leave

The user can access his vacation overview via the step "Request vacation", define the period for his vacation and determine whether he wants to take the whole day, morning or afternoon off or whether it is a special vacation. This is posted accordingly and offset against weekends, public holidays and individual leave entitlement.


Inform colleagues

In addition, colleagues can be informed about the absence and receive a notification as soon as the request has been released. These are selected by the employee.

Release leave request

The request is automatically sent to the deposited superior and can be rejected with reason or simply accepted. The employee receives an e-mail with a calendar entry and does not have to worry about anything else. The information is also reported to the personnel department.

Administer vacation

Thanks to the JobRouter® Solution Template, all information about the individual vacation entitlement, requested, confirmed, taken and remaining leave days as well as untaken remaining vacation is put together for the personnel department, finance and the employee. Insofar as a deadline has been set for the transfer of remaining leave, any days of leave not taken expire automatically.

Cancel leave

Leave in the future can be cancelled independently by the employee. The offsetting and posting then runs automatically via the process.

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