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JobRouter® Solution Template

Record meeting protocols digitally

Recording could not be more efficient: The Meeting-Protocol Solution Template helps you to record meetings digitally with little effort. The stored information can be retrieved at any time.

Meetings are the basis for decisions and project implementations and help to define tasks and participants. But everyone who has ever attended a meeting knows: Many things are discussed. Employees make suggestions, ideas become hot topics for discussions, and often many new issues are brought onto the table simultaneously. Therefore, it is not surprising that sometimes the overview gets lost. That is exactly when meeting protocols are invaluable.  All important decisions, questions, and tasks can be listed and recorded in them in writing.

By means of the Meeting Protocol Solution Template you may record meetings digitally and with only little effort. You can define participants, assign tasks, and send PDFs of the protocol to any person. Thereafter, a view of the stored information is possible at any time.

Features at a glance

  • Send PDF of the protocol to any number of persons
  • Delegate tasks
  • Overview of all tasks
  • Overview of all participants
  • Record start and end time as well as location
  • Define minute keeper and organizer

This is included in the Meeting Protocol Solution Template

Start meeting protocol

By clicking “Create meeting protocol” the process can be started. Insert the beginning and end of the meeting (optional), together with the location and the topic of the meeting. You may either choose an already existing meeting topic or add a new one. The person, who started the process, is set as meeting keeper by default. However, you may also insert any other name.

Indicate persons involved

In this step you select all persons, who have participated in the meeting or who shall receive the protocol. You can send the PDF to any number of people.

Define tasks

Now you can assign tasks, which arise from the meeting, to the participants. It is also possible to add a deadline and append attachments to the document. Under notes you may enter different aspects, for example the discussed topics. By clicking Send you can close the process. The PDF is created in the background and send to the persons selected up-front.

Task-overview for persons in charge

Each person with an assigned task receives a step in his JobRouter® inbox. The person in charge can add comments and mark a task as fulfilled – in which case the organizer is informed.

Please note: To use the Solution Template the modules JobData, JobTable, and Job PDF are required.



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