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46 trees for Malawi

In less than 30 years, the world population will grow to ten billion people. In the long run, this growth can only lead to one resonance: More demands and limited resources. Therefore at JobRouter AG, we believe that sustainability is so valuable that it should not only be reflected in the products of a company. But also, when it comes to social commitment! That’s why we focus on efficiency and sustainability. Our approach is thoroughly: Creating solutions that lead to long-term perspectives.

By purchasing fruit baskets from FRUITYFUL OFFICE GmbH, we do not only have contributed to the health of our employees, but also to the non-profit campaign "RIPPLE AFRICA". Because with every fruit basket a tree in Malawi, Africa, will be planted. 

The cultivation of trees helps people to counter global warming, maintain the natural habitat of wild animals and improve air quality. In order to achieve the best added value for the inhabitants of Malawi, FRUITYFUL OFFICE GmbH concentrates on guava and papaya trees with their nutritious and productive fruits; but also fast-growing trees of the genus Senna Siamea are promoted for use as firewood and as protection of the natural forest stands from uncontrolled deforestation. 

This initiative is helping poor Malawian families to improve their nutritional base through fruit growing while providing a safe source of firewood as an alternative to uncontrolled deforestation of natural forest resources. The fruit trade also offers the opportunity for more economic independence of the inhabitants.

What has been achieved so far:

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