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JobRouter & network „Smart Production“ target Industry 4.0

Last year, the Smart Production Network was launched with 28 partners. After founding an association, the 43 members have set themselves the goal of establishing the Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar as a "hot spot" for the concrete implementation of Industry 4.0. The network links more than 40 members from the entire Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, including global players such as ABB, Roche and SAP, scientific institutions such as the University of Mannheim or the DHBW Mannheim, as well as SMEs and start-ups. The network became officially effective as of 16 December 2016, when the founding members signed their Industry 4.0 cooperation in the MAFINEX Technology Center.

JobRouter AG has been a member from the very first minute and has actively supported the Smart Production network ever since. This also includes the first lighthouse project, the SmartFactory Demonstrator. The joint project with 22 network partners will be installed in the MAFINEX Technology Center Mannheim and will represent a real production process, including the key challenges of industry 4.0. The demonstrator is aimed at production companies along the entire value chain as well as the associated logistics and represents the innovations of the production process on the way to industry 4.0. A sensor cube is produced, which can be individually equipped and is capable of IoT. JobRouter AG will design a digital process for this purpose.

The objectives of the network are to support the resident (production) enterprises in networking with one another as well as with scientific institutions and to promote their innovative capacity. In this way, companies and universities are to implement application-oriented projects and lighthouses, while the network takes over the coordination and the search for funding. Another goal of the network is to bind specialists and researchers to the region, to secure existing jobs and to create new ones. In addition, the network is an incubator for start-ups of companies, as well as research facilities and groups at the site.

The technology platform for growth and innovation in the industry 4.0 enables all developers and to jointly develop and capitalize complex products and services, and to open up direct application possibilities for newly developed technologies. On the other hand, the network offers help to users and administrators with the conversion of their own production of digital production processes as well as the use of an innovation-friendly environment and a common infrastructure.

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