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JobRouter – Picking up speed!

Remarkable. One can hardly describe the changes within JobRouter AG any differently. Not only has the system evolved massively - the whole company is thriving, growing and spreading across the globe. In small, purposeful steps & huge leaps.

What started as a workflow management system, has now become an agile document management, a revision-proof archive, an intelligent invoice recognition and a powerful data management in a single platform solution. Subsequently, this versatile offer does ask for an internal change of structures as well!

News from the JobRouter® support

In 2006, Michael Hartmann laid the foundation for the JobRouter support with a plaid piece of paper filled with numerous ideas. Until Michael Hartmann took over the leadership of the support, it had been coordinated by only two developers. As time progressed, Michael received more and more reinforcement thanks to the strong JobRouter growth. In concrete terms this means that by today the support staff is available in four shifts via the JobRouter hotline and is still working closely with the development department. Eleven years later, Christopher Rotermund is now taking over this responsible task.

Under the leadership of Christopher Rotermund, the support will be able to react even more agile and faster to future inquiries. As a first point of contact for product requirements and challenges, the JobRouter support offers standard services, such as guidance regarding technical problems and the forwarding of queries to the relevant company unit: Sales, consulting or development. Additional services include: The possibility of MSSQL database optimisation, the representative JobRouter® installation or the JobRouter® update. Moreover, there is a wide range of training and assistance offerings available in order to implement all processes and designs optimally.

Support ideas: Because both server structure and server utilization are increasing in complexity, there are plans for the JobRouter support to offer a limited consultancy service in the future. For instance, suggestions could be offered for the optimal server utilisation on the basis of the estimated JobRouter deployment; should multiple servers be used for specific applications and services, and how should existing systems be optimally tuned? Furthermore, an additional remote maintenance tool was recently licensed, - the TeamViewer 12.

Naturally, also the existing processes should be examined and, if necessary, optimised – including e.g. the possible replacement of PDF documents through process steps during an order handling in order to relieve all involved, to make the data immediately available in the right format and thus to speed up the problem resolution.

Christopher Rotermund & Michael Hartmann

JobRouter Solution Templates – a special kind of template

The fact that a standard solution does not meet the individual requirements of a company is beyond question. Nevertheless, the team around Michael Hartmann has set the goal of developing process templates – namely solution templates - which can be implemented easily, and which are smart and agile, in order to facilitate the first step towards digital enterprise transformation.

The idea: A solution template is a template for a JobRouter®-based application, which can contain components like processes, data and documents. If necessary, specific connectors can also be added towards providers of signatures or other systems, e.g. for a collaboration.

As a first solution, there will be a contract management process, which can be used as an extension for existing customers as of now, and also allows interested parties to start a project quickly and cost-effectively. With this offering, JobRouter AG responds to the impulses from the partners and to changing market requirements.

In the following months, there will be regular webinars for customers, partners, sales representatives or technicians. Finally, the templates are to be extended by additional processes, including e.g. contracting or holiday applications. To this end, the new business unit will work closely with application consulting and product development, and will be successively expanded with experienced consultants and developers.

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