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Keeping it cool: JobRouter® streamlines development lifecycle at Spheros

Air conditioning systems - the perceived lifeguards on hot summer days! However, the development path to a functional temperature converter is long: the development of new air-conditioning systems is highly complex, drawing on the cooperation of many departments, systems and decision-makers involved. This is the same at Spheros GmbH.

Prior to JobRouter®, decision-making processes were realized with Excel tables, which migrated by e-mail from one department to the next. Therefore, it could take up to six weeks for a product to be approved by all authorities. Unfortunately, as soon as any changes were made, the procedure had to start all over again. In order to make this process more effective in the future, JobRouter® has been introduced to the company. 

This gives each employee an individual control center with an overview of their assigned tasks and steps – which they are able to edit immediately.

At Spheros, time-consuming approval requirements are now passé: if something has to be changed during the product development, the corresponding approvals are requested directly, thus the process is significantly accelerated and the development time of a new product is reduced. JobRouter® initiates these steps fully automatically, for a cool head already during production!

Product design process at Spheros GmbH


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