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MIFID II Start-up solution pack launched in the City of London by JobRouter

Easy to implement and powerful solution for MiFID II transaction reporting / Immediate End-to-End reconciliation & traceability / comprehensive transparency and safe data exchange via trusted ARMs / compliant to MiFID II regulations

Today the JobRouter Group, a globally leading provider of solutions for the rapid digital enterprise transformation, announced the launch of its MIFID II start up pack. A powerful solution based on the world class JobRouter® process automation suite that enables companies all over the world to digitise and automate their processes, data and documents with only one platform.

The MIFID II start up pack has been created and launched to help financial services implement an efficient, stable and secure solution in order to realise both the required transaction reporting and end-to-end reconciliation at lowest possible levels of risk.

While the detailed specifications of the MiFID II regulations are still unclear, the mandatory transaction reporting and reconciliation compliance is to be in place by January 2018. There isn’t much time left to find an agile and stable solution that will adapt to the organizational structure and the set of requirements in an extremely short time scale, and provide full transparency over the security transactions and shared information as well. The MIFID II start up pack is putting a core solution in place immediately with the opportunity for customers to add bespoke development to fit their precise requirements.

“The MiFID II start up pack is great news for Investment Managers and Brokers required to conform to the extended MiFID Transaction Reporting regulations under the European Securities and Markets Authority”, says Jayesh Patel, Managing Director at JobRouter UK. “Based on the powerful world leading JobRouter digitisation platform, the MiFID II start up pack reduces the time to market, reduces risk and gives customers a powerful scalable platform on which to deliver MiFID II and future MiFID requirements. Our solution is easily implemented and provides full transparency from the outset. Last but not least, we are working together with Deutsche Börse and other trusted ARMs to ensure a safe and efficient data transfer. This is just what Investment Managers need to keep their business up. We are delighted to launch the start-up pack here in the City of London from where we will conduct all our business activities.”

The standalone solution is available for on-premises services or in the cloud giving customers the flexibility to select whichever solution best fits their business.

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