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New JobRouter® partner in Hungary – DataStep Hungary Ltd

JobRouter Digitalisierungsplattform bringt Ordnung ins Chaos

Astailor – a long-term partner of JobRouter AG - has registered another member of his company group as a JobRouter® partner: DataStep Hungary Ltd. Together with Astailor, the companies work together in a company group and therefore are managed by the same managing director. The company group consists of fewer than 50 employees and is one of so called medium-sized companies. This is why the DataS is particularly familiar with the requirements for the digitization of KMU and knows which solutions should be optimally matched.

Additionally, DataStep Hungary Ltd. is the software developer of GPD (General Production Data) and has many years of experience in IT; From evaluating the needs of customers through the development of the end product to the installation, integration and training. However, the main focus of DataStep is the management of production, pre-production and business processes.

This partnership is a direct hit: DataStep sees its main task within the area of digitizing processes and documents and facilitating the way to the paperless office - just like we do at JobRouter! Thus, they focus on the most important processes in order to enhance the full potential of digital transformation and act as a competent consultant for: deadline management, task allocation and tracking, document management, archiving, content-related queries as well as inquiry and approval management.

With full conviction and a new website, DataS have taken up full speed for winning more and more customers – that is going to be a children’s play from now on: JobRouter® offers a solution for the entire scale of the above-mentioned business processes and a powerful and cross-industry digital transformation platform. JobRouter® is easy to implement and can be customized according to the needs of the customer or connected to other systems and applications. Thus, JobRouter® breaks the barriers of a simple document management system and expands the digitization of the company as a whole. So finally, DataS can use this wide range of products to drive sales quickly in Hungary.
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