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Report Now Tech: EU- And UK-Based Enterprise Content Management, Q2 2018

Content is key - but to use it skillfully it needs a comprehensive administration, with a digital and future-proof solution. This is easier said than done, as companies usually face time-consuming challenges when implementing structure and order.

ECM solutions can help you face difficulties, derive advantages and move away from analog structures, which can easily be achieved through the digitization and automation of processes, data and documents. Your ultimate choice on a content management solution should be done well considered, as such systems take enormous expenditure of time and energy to implement, and is usually in use for a longer period of time. In some cases even many years. However, when choosing a suitable ECM solution, you will find yourself in the middle of a variety of providers – nevertheless, you should not lose sight of the big picture and decide on a solution that best meets your needs and offers you optimum functions. This Forrester report can provide you with good support in your decision-making. 

In this Forrester report, analysts discuss the necessary functions and criteria that an ECM solution should always meet. You can also learn why choosing an SME as a partner in digital can be right for you.

As a conclusion, 20 vendors were tested for functionality of their content management solutions in the following categories:

  • Transactional Content Services (TCS)
  • Modern Content Platforms (CPs)
  • Business Content Services (BCS)
  • Horizontal and vertical Content Applications

Suppliers were also evaluated on characteristics such as global presence, customer track record or market position.

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