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Rhein-Neckar-Challenge - #WeAreIn!

When it comes to corporate we remain true to our motto: Change and movement. We believe that, those who demand performance must also promote health.

At JobRouter, we know that our workforce is the reason behind our success – therefore, keeping our employees fit and healthy is an important factor that also contributes to our company’s atmosphere. However, we are aware that the combination of work and fitness does not always work out. For this, we would like to offer a solution ourselves: Movement as a team. 

Teamwork and reciprocity are an integral part of our corporate culture: that's why we join the Rhein-Neckar-Challenge with a strong force of 22 employees. Over a period of four weeks we will compete against other companies from the metropolitan region.

Building up the team and its spirit is our main focus. In order to reinforce this, we accompany the challenge parallel with internal events: Running together at noon, May hikes or mixing homemade Powershakes, enrich our #JobFit agenda from now on. The icing on the cake: Who keeps himself fit, may also relax with our professional massage service or on our generous roof terrace.  

Who could really resist? 

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