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With the digitisation platform JobRouter internationally successful

The JobRouter Group relies on a global partner network with many successful partners – in any industry – with whom we are in daily contact. Ricoh is an international technology company that has been changing and improving the working methods of companies for more than 80 years. As a result, Ricoh is not only a JobRouter premium partner, Ricoh also belongs to the range of major international manufacturers of digital office communication systems, production printing systems as well as digital and small-format cameras. In addition, customers can purchase solutions for document management and IT services. In Poland, our partner has shown its strongest side once again and implemented some digital processes in the area of finance and administration with JobRouter® at BKF System.

Permissions – a tricky matter

It is complicated: approval processes are a challenge. Regardless of a company’s size there are always numerous points of contact, - therefore, a cross-departmental communication and interaction is all more important. As the number of supervisor’s increases, release processes become more complex and delays more likely. Then, employees need to check back via e-mail, phone or in person.
BKF also had this problem: the cross-departmental communication did not work smoothly. This is due to a highly complex and extensive sales process. Each order is processed by at least five departments: sales, technology, production, quality control and service, which have to exchange information with each other. All actions from the purchase order to the logistics are regulated just-in-time, that’s why the production or installation must be completed within a certain time. This results in a highly complex process that cannot be reliably managed manually or with individual tools.

Advancing digital communication

BKF was not satisfied with the offer: Other providers did offer IT systems or tools that work best for specific business departments. However, these tools do not communicate with each other and therefor do not optimize the cross-departmental communication. 
JobRouter is different: Our system can easily be used for several departments. Out of a control center the employees that are located in various departments are able to work all tasks. This allowed the cross-departmental work process to be accelerated and improved enormously. BKF Services is now able to digitally manage and continuously improve the sales process. The days of bad communication are numbered, since JobRouter controls all digital processes: All approval steps are now assigned to the right people at the right time – fully automatically.

Improving the overall situation

JobRouter enables digital, automated processes that reduce manual effort. This provides both control and transparency. The system is nevertheless simple to integrate, allows quick adjustments and the processing of information - finds BKF Services. The scalable functions have also been convincing: BKF already saves time and money at important matters today, but is equally well positioned for future developments. As a result, further digital processes can gradually be added in order to permanently increase efficiency. Since the introduction of JobRouter, the entire company communication has steadily improved. Finally, the use of JobRouter at BKF Systems not only resulted in an enormous cost saving, but also in an increase of revenue. 

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