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Order Process with JobRouter®

The JobRouter® order process helps throughout the whole order process: It supports the search, compares offers and knows if something is missing – the user decides and orders by just clicking a button. If the contract value exceeds a specific budget the supervisor has to approve the order additionally. JobRouter® informs him automatically.

The JobRouter® platform receives and supplies data and documents and ensures that every related system receives exactly what it needs. Additionally, processes can be adapted to individual scenarios.

Your advantage

  • Employees are not delayed through minor activities
  • Better exploitation of resources

In terms of JobRouter® decision-makers should at first think about the following: Which information do I, the manager, need in an ideal situation as onepager? Second: Start with small steps and create processes in small teams. Third: Build own resources. Exceeding a specific company size it is absolutely necessary to integrate a responsible person, who is explicitly in charge of Business Intelligence issues, attending and adapting them.”

Michael Neisen
Michael Neisen
ASAP Holding GmbH
  • The success story of the ASAP Holding GmbH

    "Control in the cockpit"

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