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JobRotuer®-Partnerconference 2021

JobRouter® Partner Conference 2021

Enjoy digital processes. Anywhere. Anytime.

How wonderful that you were there!

We are speechless. With over 280 virtual participants, the first bilingual JobRouter® Partner Conference 2021 was an absolute record for us. How wonderful that you were there!

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed the conference days and were able to take with you many new business impulses and practical tips. You may have been able to make new contacts and have already taken a look at the new JobRouter® Marketplace. In the agenda section of the app, you will soon find all the presentations from the livestreams as well as additional working materials.

The app can still be accessed both, on the desktop and via mobile devices.

JobRouter Partner Conference 2021: Review
The JobRouter® Partner Conference, that brought together sales, implementation and technology partners, was intended to strengthen the exchange among them and to trigger new impulses for their own business model.

Your opinion is important to us

We welcome your feedback so that we can make future events even better for you. You can find the survey in the app menu under the item "Your Feedback".

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