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JobRouter® Partner Conference

Digital Process Automation: Scale your Success

We are looking forward to see you at JobRouter Partner Conference 2020 on March 12!

JobRouter Partner Conference 2019: Digital Process Automation | Scale your Success
The JobRouter® Partner Conference is the perfect day to exchange ideas with the software company, partners and industry experts and get a glimpse behind the technology. In 2019, the focus was on the trend topic of Digital Process Automation, the advantages over a classic Business Process Management or Document Management approach, as well as the Robotic Process Automation digitization method for a scaling and sustainable business model!

JobRouter Partner Confrence 2019 - Retrospective

According to a summer Forrester report, more and more customers are focusing on digital process automation (DPA)  rather than business process management to accelerate their digital transformation.

The JobRouter® Partner Conference 2019 takes a look behind the technology with keynotes, best practices and promising partner technologies: Build a sustainable and lucrative business model that scales at all levels!

Meet us at Rosengarten Manheim

Digital Process Automation is about digitizing more processes with smaller, more agile projects. True to the motto: start at one point and then go viral! Key features of DPA are among others:

  • high process functionality
  • keep it simple - in contrast to highly complex solutions
  • fast application development
  • broad commitment in the company
  • moderate prices

In addition, it is interesting to note that digital transformation is increasingly displacing cost reduction as the primary focus of process digitization. Our low-code platform is ideally suited to these requirements. Take advantage of the versatile possibilities with JobRouter® to quickly digitize even simple processes at the customer, for example with our Solution Templates. They help you to implement customer processes without having to tie-up your resources for a long time. But the JobRouter® Partner Conference offers much more! Learn everything about the trend of Robotic Process Automation and how you can connect this functionality with the JobRouter® digitization platform. We look forward to a varied and informative program.

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JobRouter® Partner Conference goes big on March 21 2019 in Rosengarten Mannheim

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Your partner management team will answer all questions

  • Meltem Gönüllü

    Meltem Gönüllü

    Managing Director Turkey

  • Ahmed Ouahab

    Ahmed Ouahab

    Managing Director Morocco

  • Wiktoria Rakowska

    Wiktoria Rakowska

    Country Manager EEMEA

  • Filip Witczak

    Filip Witczak

    Country Manager Poland

Comedy with CHAKO Habekost & De Edle Wilde
Comedy with CHAKO Habekost & De Edle Wilde

Highlight evening event: CHAKO Habekost

In the middle of the city and yet it feels like countryside - the evening event of the JobRouter® Partner Conference 2019 will be breathtaking and not only thanks to the fantastic location in the VIP Pavilion of the Luisenpark: Comedian Dr. Christian CHAKO Habekost is presenting a Beschd of his program and leads our international guests into the most bizarre adventures of his everyday heroes - of course as always: uff pälzisch! (regional German dialect)

CHAKO Habekost may be a long-established “Monnemer” (Mannheimer), but with his satirical, self-ironic and cultural-analytical lyrics he ignites laughter muscles far beyond the region. In his youth CHAKO collected academic “criminal records” in Mannheim, London and Kingston (Jamaica) and took home not only a doctorate but also an unmistakable perspective on the stories of everyday life. Today he inspires the most different corners of Germany with his adventure safari De Edle Wilde. For us he is making a short stop in his hometown of Mannheim on March 21 2019 ...

JobRouter® Partner Conference 2018
The annual sales partner conference of JobRouter AG in 2018 was all about movement and change.
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