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Objectif Lune and JobRouter form strategic partnership for intelligent Process Automation & Multi-Channel Output Management

Objectif Lune and JobRouter develop joint solutions / multi-channel output management, interactive customer communication and comprehensive process in one solution / agile and scalable solutions that grow with enterprise requirements and size / full transparency across all enterprise processes

Mannheim, 18 May 2017 - JobRouter AG, the leading global provider of a cross-industry- digitisation platform for the comprehensive process, document, and data management, has entered into a strategic partnership with Objectif Lune, the expert for digital customer communication and Multi-Channel Output Management. Based on the JobRouter® platform and the OL™ Connect technology, there are going to be joint intelligent solutions for complete data acquisition and data processing. Therefore, both companies are building on experiences from five years of cooperation.

Soon the JobRouter® platform will be expanded with the functionality of the OL™ Connect technology by Objectif Lune. JobRouter® takes over the end-to-end control of the entire process while OL™ Connect generates business-specific documents based on predefined templates from all data that flows into the process, and formats those immediately in accordance to the output requirements - digitally or in paper form. Additionally, it is also possible to optimise the dispatch, the pre-sorting of the mail or the adaptation for enveloping with this new solution.

From now on, even master data can easily be maintained by the specialist personnel, thanks to the integrated JobRouter® data management, thus relieving the IT departments. This could be the case with bank details, texts on invoices or changes to invoices such as additional texts, which can be maintained via the JobRouter® Dashboard and changed in according process steps. In the essence, this means that during the whole process no additional application needs to be opened, the user is working in a single surface.

Facilitation resulting from the cooperation:

  1. Improved monitoring: processes can easier be controlled and managed
  2. Archiving runs simultaneously: documents that are created are directly archived
  3. Relief of the IT department: text modules can be maintained by the specialist departments via the JobRouter® portal as well
  4. Connect system activity for immediate data exchange: Existing customers can also adapt the solution very quickly and work fluently with it
  5. Optimal processing: JobRouter® can now create complex documents according to printing requirements: comprehensive contracts, multi-page invoices or records

The joint global digitisation projects of recent years have already shown that the technologies of the two companies complement each other very well. These include, among others, the cloud-based solution for RICOH, the internationally active manufacturer of digital office communication systems and production printing systems.

With the cloud-based portal solution for document output, companies can send their print data to the cloud, whereupon they are issued to the portal as PDF invoices. For this purpose, the system creates the document fully automatically by applying a prefabricated layout and adding all information using previously collected data. In the following step, all invoices are saved additionally in an internal archive, for example the JobArchive. JobRouter® controls the process from start to finish; from receiving the data to sending the invoice to the recipient - either digitally or in print. As far as the JobRouter® platform is used as a portal solution, customers can i.e. view their invoices online or download them.

"This solution provides an all-time overview of the current status of the documents to be generated, so that the user is sure to meet the corporate guidelines and legal requirements. These can then be processed, sent or saved," explains Axel Ensinger, Chief Product Officer at JobRouter AG. "In our joint projects, we have become aware that Objectif Lune optimally complements our customisable process automation platform. The idea of combining our competences in one joint solution, which is aimed at cross-industry output scenarios, emerged very quickly."

"With its new solutions, Objectif Lune GmbH is heading into the digital age. From the cooperation with JobRouter we expect to bring a variety of joint solutions to our customers and partners. Building on this partnership, the goal of both companies is to make the processes even more flexible, more customer-oriented and more effective. In the end, the customer gets a real "end-to-end" solution,” explains Rüdiger-Ernst Knebel, Managing Director of Objectif Lune GmbH and PrintSoft Systems GmbH.

About Rüdiger-Ernst Knebel

Managing Director, Objectif Lune GmbH and PrintSoft GmbH

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT sector, his career led him very early to the field of automation and optimisation of document processes. Initially starting his career at a development company for intelligent printer interfaces, Rüdiger Knebel supported the development of a company for print and output management for 10 years before taking over the management of PROUT Software. With his professional competence, he has contributed significantly to the dissemination of output management solutions in the German-speaking market. Since 2006, he has been responsible for Objectif Lune within the D/A/CH region and Austria's neighboring countries such as Italy since 2013. Since 2013, he has also been responsible as Managing Director for the German PrintSoft branch, integrated into the Objectif Lune Group, in the operational area. In his role, Mr. Knebel has strengthened his competences, above all in sales and sales strategies.

About Objectif Lune

Founded in 1995, Objectif Lune has developed into a leader in enterprise design, business process automation, multi-channel output, and data collection solutions, with the goal of improving customer communications through the use of state-of-the-art technology. OL ™ provides a flexible platform for creating and automating interactive customer communications across print, Internet, email, and mobile. Whether small businesses or large-scale organisations, OL solutions cover the entire spectrum.

All OL ™ products convince by simplicity, effectiveness and comfort, while their openness and flexibility give customers control. The products can be integrated into the existing systems with little or no change effort and extend the possibilities of the relationship and content management as well as the financial and business systems.

Objectif Lune is a global company with local teams dedicated to finding solutions tailored to customers and their day-to-day challenges.

Über Axel Ensinger

Axel Ensinger ist Chief Product Officer at JobRouter AG located in Mannheim. Today he is head of the JobRouter® core development with the aim of developing application-friendly and powerful business software. He is also responsible for the product management, product support and product marketing. Axel Ensinger is a graduate business economist and lecturer in information and communication technology at the Baden-Württemberg University of Applied Sciences. His passion has always been cloud and web technologies as well as agile software development with Scrum.

Axel Ensinger lives in Mannheim, is married and father of two daughters and one son.

JobRouter AG

Short profile JobRouter AG

JobRouter AG is a globally active provider of solutions for digital business transformation and offers a cross-industry low-code digital process automation platform for customers of all sizes. JobRouter helps companies to optimize their workflow, to manage their data and documents efficiently and to digitize their internal and external business processes. The modular components of the JobRouter® technology also allow solutions to be expanded and individually configured according to requirements. As a result, companies receive a comprehensive and tailored system with a large number of agile interfaces.

Together with an international network of over 190 partners and its own branches in Great Britain, Turkey and the USA, JobRouter AG now supplies over 1500 customers worldwide, including leading companies such as Euromaster, HARIBO, HELMA Eigenheimbau, Hochschule Konstanz, Klöckner & Co., MEYER WERFT, S&G Automobil, University of Bern and ZF TRW.

JobRouter AG has its headquarters in Mannheim. Further information is available at


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