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Solution Template

Digital case handling & RDM with JobRouter®

Supply and demand form the basis of legal capacity. If demand is high, business is going well! Sounds plausible, but: If inquiries, requests or feedback are not processed efficiently in-house, frustration and poor evaluations can be the result. These will cause lasting damage to the offer. What can the solution be?

Solution Template

Release & Deployment Management by JobRouter®

With the JobRouter® Solution Template Release & Deployment Management you can reliably manage inquiries, complaints or queries and offer your customers and partners the greatest possible transparency regarding the current processing status! The template is installed in just a few hours, configured and ready for use. Additional adjustments are possible at any time.

Request processing can be initiated via e-mail or JobRouter® Start Step and made available to the support team. In addition to a monitoring system that provides live information about the current status of the request as well as information about the agent and the previous interaction, JobRouter® automatically informs the requester about any changes or progress. Finally, JobRouter® logs complete communication on a case, minimizing queries and ensuring transparency across all steps.

Feature List

  • Recording and exact accounting of working hours by live counter
  • Assign responsibilities & track progress
  • Automatic ticket notification in case of changes
  • Monitoring box for customers
  • Facilitated communication through text templates for standardized answers and processes (HTML, text)
  • Several simultaneous queries possible
  • Automatic logging with viewing option
  • Very simple creation of additional data fields possible
  • Reports with statistical evaluations possible
  • Filter options for optimum ticket overview of processing, processing quality and duration
  • Public start step for RDM process possible (without account)
  • Automatic assignment of e-mails to tickets (ticket number)
  • Cross-reference requests by colleagues possible
  • Integrated time-out escalations
  • Customer prioritization possible, from Trivial, Unimportant, Normal, Important to Standstill (changeable)
  • Triggering sub-processes/tickets from a main ticket
  • Automatic integration of reply e-mails into existing tickets
Case Handling – Helpdesk Ticketing Solution
The JobRouter® digitization platform offers a feature-rich ticketing system that can be quickly and inexpensively installed as a ready for use app and further adapted to company requirements. Whether case management, support requests or internal project handling - with JobTicket you can start to work digitally in just a few hours: In a classical dashboard via inboxes and baskets or agile with the user-friendly Kanban board.

What's in the RDM Solution Template?

Create an inquiry

You can enter the following information when gathering the problem: Classification, priorities and an external (ticket) number. In addition, the contact person, the person concerned and the observers can be selected.


When assigning the ticket, you may have the following input options: Waiting for status, estimated time, components and a multi-state.

Live Counter

In the header area, the RDM process offers through the "live counters" the possibility to record the time exact to the second or to track pauses.


Whether by e-mail, as a query or by means of a simple entry: in this process you can communicate with all participants and in different ways.


All e-mails sent to a specific mailbox are imported by JobStart due to a filter in the subject. This is applicable when inquiring info and also when answering questions. The interaction and interception of e-mails that cannot be assigned is handled by a second process that is part of the delivery: mail import.  

Kanban Board

With the "Kanban" widget, you can move the requests to a new status by simply dragging and dropping them. As a department manager, for example, you get a simple overview of how many queries are new or unprocessed (left) and how many have already been completed (right).

What would you like to do next?

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    Travel Epenses Report

    The digital travel expense accounting of JobRouter® bundles all information and makes it available to all participating employees and departments in an individual workflow.

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