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Simulation and Testing

JobRouter Simulation and Workflow Analysis

The JobRouter BPM suite comes with built-in workflow tools for process testing and simulation, making it easy for process owners to validate their process workflows.

Built-in simulation and test environment for process analysis and validation

As soon as a business process has been designed it’s ready for testing with the JobRouter process analysis and validation tools. As a process designer you want to move through the process in simulation mode, one process step after the other. That way you can easily follow all of the process data and monitor the defined business rules. This is a very easy way of making sure that every function, behavior and business rule of your new business process is working as you intended.

JobRouter Process Analysis

JobRouter's built-in workflow tools allow you to examine your process for logic errors and gaps in documentation by using Process Analysis. This tool identifies possible errors even before the simulation and testing phase.

JobRouter Simulator

The Simulator allows you to test and validate your process without affecting the live system. You can run the process from start to finish, or you can select individual process steps to test. The process begins with the Start Step and proceeds through all subsequent steps in the sequence you have defined. You can also test any step individually. In either case, your process will run as though in the live system. When you start a step in simulation mode, its Form will display as it would if it were in the production environment. You can run a simulation on as many scenarios as you want. This type of testing is particular useful for validating newly added behaviors and logic.

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