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Improving the Business of Government with JobRouter® Process Automation

BPM Benefits to Agencies

  • Streamline Service Processes. Reduce paperwork, minimize errors and speed reviews, customer service, record keeping and decision making.
  • Enforce Standards. Increase consistency and adherence to compliant communications standards.
  • ​Compliance Management. Increase transparency and accountability with monitoring and audit trails.
  • ​Cost Effective. JobRouter can be implemented quickly and cost effectively for a fast ROI.
  •  ​Paper on-Demand. A paper-on-demand document model can lower costs and improve service delivery.

Public Sector Use Cases

  • ​Accounts Payable
  • ​Activity Reports
  • ​Budget Approvals
  • ​Business Filings
  • ​Call Processing
  • ​Case Management
  • ​Claims Management
  • ​Denial Processes
  • ​Expense Reports
  • ​Leave Requests
  • ​Licensing and Permits
  • Loss Creation .... and more
  • Board of Elections

    JobRouter DPA for filling in forms properly and avoiding errors

    ​Candidates for office must submit signatures to be put on the ballot. Before a Candidate can even begin collecting signatures, the form itself must be filled out properly or it will be rejected.

Why Choose JobRouter workflow management suite for Public Sector business process transformation?

  • ​Improve Services & Governance

    JobRouter is a powerful platform for building custom business process apps. Easy to use, JobRouter is very flexible and allows process owners to monitor and modify or improve processes to meet changing business or regulatory requirements.

  • Automate one process or a hundred.

    Optimize a single process and build from there, or automate many processes across the organization simultaneously - without worrying about per-user fees. JobRouter is flexible and highly scalable.

  • ​Integrate applications and data.

    Integrate workflows and data with the applications that staff use every day such as Microsoft® Office and other internal or external systems or databases.

  • ​A fast learning curve. ​Easy to use.

    JobRouter is very intuitive and user-friendly: requires little or no user training, ensures adoption, allows authorized personnel to share work responsibilities, and makes a fast learning curve for new staff and substitutes.

  • Protect confidential information.

    Powerful granular role-based and rules-based access privileges, business rules and controls combined with built-in audit trails to support risk and compliance management.

  • ​​​A fast ROI.

    In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs and long development times, JobRouter can be implemented quickly and cost effectively - in weeks or months, not years

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