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JobRouter - JobOrder Match Module

3-way matching between invoices and orders

JobOrder Match allows you to match items from incoming invoices with items in a purchase order or goods receipt.

Companies receive a large number of invoices. While some are issued at the time the service is provided and are therefore clear, in other cases it can be much more complex and difficult to reconcile. For example, if partial deliveries are part of everyday business or invoices are extensive with numerous items, there may be price differences or some costs may not be immediately clear.

Invoice verification with JobOrder Match addresses exactly this issue and gives security and transparency back to the company. The module allows all relevant items for an invoice to be queried on the basis of various criteria and compared with  order data. Since the JobRouter® digitization platform exchanges data across solutions and departments, both accounting and finance or logistics, for example, benefit from this digital invoice verification!

Look-up - simply safe

JobOrder Match is an assignment dialog that allows you to assign items of an incoming invoice to items of a purchase order or goods receipt. The module works with extracted header and position data from OCR systems such as SmartFix or JobMindHead and JobMind Bau.

The JobMind Head module reads the header data of an invoice, such as invoice number or company name, and thus saves typing and manually transferring customer data. JobOrder Match then looks up the database and displays the results in a clear viewer.

JobOrder Match offers the following features

  • Processes head and item data from OCR recognition
  • Can check item balances from invoice header amounts
  • Compares orders with invoices
  • Available in multiple languages

The positions are assigned on the basis of the following information

  • goods receipt number
  • goods receipt item
  • order number
  • order item
  • quantity
  • unit price of the item

Users can then filter according to search criteria and display, for example, all orders of a company or all orders of a company with a specific order number.

Price and quantity variances are displayed accordingly and can be easily marked and processed by the user. The module  facilitates objective invoice verification since manual invoice comparison is now replaced with a digitally managed and recorded process. A mathematical comparison of the item balance to the invoice header amounts is possible. The data required for this must be provided in a predefined form from the customer's merchandise management system.

  •   Required modules:JobMind Head, SmartFix as a useful extension
  •   Previous knowledge: none
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