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Start your digital journey with JobRouter®

Transform your business processes and IT landscape into digital assets with JobRouter® Digital Process Automation: low-code, fast, customized.

JobRouter 5.1 is available for download!

JobRouter® is a powerful and flexible low-code digitization platform for digital transformation that helps enterprises to digitize and automate any business processes or use cases! Link your processes, data and documents enterprise-wide via our rapid app digitization and intelligent workflows - according to your requirements. Unleash your true potential with the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation Platform!

JobRouter® brings together what belongs together: Low-code Workflow, Agile Document Management & Integrated Data Management

With JobRouter® we can do things that used to be impossible.

The JobRouter® digital process automation system paid for itself within 9 months, which is even faster than we originally expected. One great advantage is the system independence. You are completely free to define your own processes and adapt them as required. Not only is it possible to retrieve data from various other systems, but sources of error are also drastically reduced. This makes our daily work easier and supports our sales activities as well. If you work in an international environment, as we do, JobRouter® helps to overcome language barriers and displays the desired data correctly. You can work really well with it

Steffen Tropitzsch
Steffen Tropitzsch
General Manager
Iris Biotech GmbH

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JobRouter® product launch We bring 15+ years of experience in digital to the table.


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