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Process digitization for the whole company

Low-Code Process Design with JobRouter®

With JobRouter® Designer, JobRouter® offers a graphical user surface (GUI) for the display and creation of completely web-based Workflow applications. You can design and edit single Workflows in the graphical flowchart of the Designer. In the following descriptions you will learn about how JobRouter® processes are constructed and how you can model your own business processes even without having programming knowledge.

JobRouter® process design is Low-Code and efficient!

Graphical flowchart design

The flow chart shows the flow of processes and supports you in creating forms, defining rules, activating escalations, and configuring integrations for third-party applications. The modelling of your process starts by adding the requested steps.

JobRouter heatmap


The heatmap shows the steps and paths of a process, which are passed through particularly often, and the editing of which steps take longer than average. The data are collected per process version and can be displayed graphically in the heatmap. This enables the process designer to identify where problem areas of the process can be found, meaning, where the step can be simplified or even deleted, as they are not used.

JobRouter heatmap

Tracking mode

It is optional to give users access to process graphics for user steps. By opening those, the user can see, what the previous process flow looked like, which steps were completed, which steps are still active, and at which step the user himself is at the moment. This information is displayed as overlay on the actual process graphic.

Four steps to digital processes

  1. Process steps can be simply pulled by Drag & Drop from the tool box into the design area of the flowchart.
  2. Already existing steps and design elements can be easily moved and positioned newly, a multiple selection, a grabbing tool, and a zoom function facilitate the work.
  3. Connection and subsequent step lines illustrate the process flow and determine in which order the single steps shall be performed.
  4. Single steps can be edited directly from the flowchart to enable the adding of forms and business rules to each step.

Import your BPMN processes into JobRouter®!

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a modeling language that allows processes to be graphically designed by using standard elements. BPMN has established itself as one of the leading modeling languages in recent years and is preferred by universities and in various online courses, so that many business users and consultants use BPMN to model processes. Business processes consist of several events, decision points, tasks, information flows, intermediate steps and responsibilities. With BMPN, all these elements can be displayed visually in a graphic. Graphics that can be designed with your own JobRouter® Designer are based on the BPMN 2.0 design.

BPMN Converter

To enable the import of BPMN processes in JobRouter®, we have designed the BPMN converter: It converts the BPMN file into a format suitable for JobRouter®. This way, the graphic already created can be transferred without repeated modeling.

This is how it works:

  1. Upload file
  2. Click "Convert"
  3. Get compatible file
  4. Upload file to JobRouter®

From the model to practice: These functions are available for your process design

Designer for business rules

Business rules perform specific actions, e.g. the conditional transmission or closing of an instance, the changing of values in a database, the sending of e-mails, or the copying, deletion and shifting of attached files.

  • You may assign any number of business rules to the steps of your process.
  • Business rules are performed, when a step is completed, which means as soon as the user clicks "send" in the form.
  • If several rules were set up for one step, JobRouter® processes those one by one.

Choose from numerous operational business rules

  • The forwarding rule manages the course of the process and defines which step must follow the current one.
  • The termination rule closes the process sequence.
  • The assignment rule can change process data.
  • The performance rule can initiate numerous actions, such as the sending of e-mails and data attachments, or the data export. If the DocuWare module is installed, the DocuWare rule "Perform DocuWare document management action" can be executed.
  • To gain a better overview it is possible to group the rules based on their requirements.

Designer for escalation rules

JobRouter® facilitates the whole process duration and the timeline for the editing of single steps by means of process escalations.

  • Example: You can start a process on a specific day, e.g. on April 01, and determine that it should take 5 days. The end date for the whole process is calculated for April 05. Therefore, the optional JobTimer module is required.
  • You can store different actions for the escalation itself. You can e.g. inform the editors, their supervisors, or a person responsible for the process via e-mail, or you can assign an ad hoc step to another person.

Simulation and test

As soon as your new business process is designed, it can be tested with the integrated JobRouter® simulator.

As a process designer you want to pass through the process sequence in simulation mode. This enables you to track all process data and monitor the defined business rules. Simulation tests are a simple way to ensure that all functions and business rules of your new business process work as intended.

Electronic form designer

With the integrated form designer you can create forms quickly and easily. Electronic forms (eForms) are interfaces between the JobRouter® system and the user. Forms provide information for the user and enable him to work on the process data.

Integrated document management

By integrating functions to the document management you can provide documents to the users that are required for the editing of the forms. These documents can be e.g. invoices, which have to be verified and approved by the user, or which were rejected in the form. The process can be designed to display the invoice, goods receipt document, supplier offer, or even a copy of the supplier contract. JobRouter® forms can be configured to display everything that is needed for the user to make a decision.

Wide range of form elements

The user can choose from a wide range of form elements. They can be integrated into the respective form easily and their configuration is simple. Typical elements are: text fields and text areas, radio boxes, checkboxes, buttons, attachments, files, images, links, data, and much more!

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