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Accounts Payable

JobRouter speeds invoice processing through automated accounts payable workflows

​Almost every organization has a mandate to lower operational costs. ​JobRouter​'s ​​Accounts Payable automation ​solution gives finance departments the power to quickly and easily create streamlined digital accounts payable workflows — that boost the bottom line.

​Automating the accounts payable phase of your procure-to-pay (P2P) cycle with JobRouter​'s ​​A​P ​Automation ​Software can significantly lower operating costs, speed approvals in time to capture discounts and improve cash flow and supplier visibility.

Accounts Payable Automation Benefits

  • ​Automate three-way matching
  • ​Increased productivity with intelligent routing and escalations
  • ​Reduced transaction costs, errors and turn-around times
  • ​Enable dynamic and early payment discounts
  • ​Real-time visibility into liabilities and reporting
  • ​Fewer errors and lower fraud risk
  • ​An improved bottom line

​​Accounts Payable Automation Features

  • ​Sophisticated exception handling
  • ​Automated straight through invoice processing
  • ​True line-item level processing
  • ​Case​​​​ management processing
  • ​Automate routine AP tasks
  • ​Language and currency support
  • ​Integrate with existing systems and bridge gaps
  • ​Integrated document management
  • ​Strong controls and audit trail

Benefit from various use cases with JobRouter® Accounts Payable solutions

  • Supplier Portal

    Eliminate invoice capture and entry costs, automate routine inquiries and improve communications with suppliers by using JobRouter to create a self-service supplier portal. Allow business partners to submit electronic invoices and monitor invoice status.

  • Early Pay & Dynamic Discounts.

    Companies can significantly accelerate the invoice payment cycle with JobRouter®. Using JobRouter® as a discount portal can greatly simplify the capture of dynamic discounts and speed up decisions.

  • Invoice Validation.

    Maximize immediate data processing (STR) of error-free invoices and give your employees the ability to perform value-added tasks, with automated business rules for accounts payable processing!

  • Exception Handling.

    Use the JobRouter® Accounts Payable solution to implement sophisticated sub-processes and align workflow rules. This allows you to easily identify & automatically route exceptions to the right department or person for early resolution.

  • Faster Implementation.

    In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs and long development times, JobRouter can be implemented quickly and cost effectively - in weeks or months, not years.

  • Compliance.

    ​JobRouter® supports audit and compliance requirements with built-in audit trails, customized roles-based privileges, granular access controls, data encryption and user authentication.

  • Reporting.

    Replace time-consuming data mining and spreadsheets by using JobRouter® to automate scheduled and ad hoc reporting such as accrual, declined, and pending invoice reports.

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    Automating AP and connecting systems

    Automotive supplier, IHI Charging International, streamlined their accounts payable and connected the new process to SAP.

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