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Customer Care

JobRouter® Support – One service for all cases

The JobRouter® Customer Care service package includes several services for our customers and partners to improve their digital work efficiency day by day.

JobRouter® Customer Care offers the following services

  • Installation Service

    Installing JobRouter® requires in-depth technical knowledge - even if it is easy for the user to operate. When you book the "no-worries package", we take care of the installation for you.

  • Update Service

    The rapid product development of JobRouter® requires a new service pack or patch on average four times a year. If you want to keep your JobRouter® system up to date, JobRouter® Customer Care will be happy to take on this task for you for a fee.

Support by maintenance contract

Our Customer Care team offers support for inquiries regarding JobRouter® standard topics via our hotline and ticket processing. We investigate problems, rebuild scenarios and offer support fault analysis via remote maintenance. In addition, we capture bugs and features for our JobRouter® core development unit to fix and continually optimize the product. Process design, script or SQL-related queries are not covered by this support as they are always customized.

PrePaid Coaching

PrePaid Coaching is designed to provide timely support for process design insecurities and less complex requests that are subject to charge. Fill your account with any number of coaching candies (1 candy = 15 minutes) and open your ticket directly: Thus, the first inquiries or the subsequent clarification

of the reimbursement can be skipped, our support team will start immediately with the work – even when it comes to clearly chargeable requests.

JobRouter® Holiday Service

More service, more flexibility: Even on public holidays, we want to offer you complete security with the JobRouter® Holiday Service Package for JobRouter® downtime and support cases. With this fee-based package you can be sure of fast and competent help from our JobRouter® consultants and developers on selected public holidays in Germany.

Solution Template Service

By purchasing a Solution Template, you can request support for installation, configuration and customization of the process templates. All services and requests regarding the Solution Templates are subject to a charge. The purchase of a Solution Template includes the delivery of the template package only (process, additional scripts, documentation).


Cloud services

With our cloud services, we host a demo environment for presentation purposes and allow you to order JobRouter® systems in our cloud landscape. A JobRouter® team sets up these systems for you to use online or via VPN access. With our additional optional services, we offer you a possibility to extend the support for your system.

Premium Service for direct customers

Our Premium Service gives customers the opportunity to receive even more intensive support. You have a direct point of contact in the team who looks after your system and builds long-term knowledge of the system landscape and processes. Through this service, problems can be prevented and smaller project orders, adjustments or updates are implemented immediately. We are happy to assist you with tips and advice on how to establish a Premium Service at your company.

System control for direct customers

In addition to the Premium Service we offer system control with regard to the customer systems (e. g. hardware control of customer servers and errors in the Admin Monitor as well as nightly tasks). This service prevents system problems. The content and frequency of these controls are based on customer requirements.

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