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JobRouter® releases

We develop so you can jump to the next level

JobRouter® Release 5.1 is all about Microsoft Office and Zapier!

With the latest release, we have created connections to Microsoft Office and Zapier, which makes your work with Microsoft documents easier and provides you with interfaces to over 2000 apps at a stroke. In addition, JobMind is a cloud- and AI-based add-on module that supports you in the data extraction of your invoices.

Macbook JobRouter® 5 Prozessgrafik

JobRouter® Release 5 - Smarter, more intuitive, more modern

In the last few months we have tried, developed, tested and optimized - with a result that can be shown: The latest JobRouter® release is feature-rich and offers innovations that will further expand the potential of your process automation!

JobRouter® Release 4.3 - More mobile, more flexible, more convenient!

When it comes to document management, JobRouter 4.3 consistently focuses on more flexibility, mobility and convenience! With this release we also present the JobRouter® Scan-App and the integrated DocumentHub. This allows any files and documents to be quickly scanned on the move and made available for further processing.

JobRouter® Release 4.2 - More features, better performance, enhanced user-experience

With JobViewer 2 we have created a new basis for working with documents in JobRouter®, which we will further expand in the coming months and add many exciting functionalities, such as signing digital documents. At the same time, with JobRouter® 4.2 we have laid the foundation stone by integrating a new messaging layer to be able to use system activities in future not only asynchronously on the server but directly from dialogs.

JobRouter® Release 4.1 - Extended process automation & new module for integrated master data management

This update contains extensions for a comprehensive process automation and offers a new module for integrated master data management.

JobRouter® Release 4.0 - Mobile workflow management with a new interface

In the fourth generation, JobRouter is given a completely revised interface with an agile dashboard and an additional version for mobile devices with a JavaScript API. This allows managing and controlling complex workflow tasks on the road with a smartphone or tablet. A great performance optimization is provided by the improved JobRouter REST API with a newly integrated cache.

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