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JobRouter® Cloud

JobRouter® Cloud

Process automation and document management from the Cloud

Transfer your digital office into the Cloud! Link your processes, data and documents with our scalable Cloud platform.

The JobRouter® Cloud is a proven digitalization platform for linking processes, data, and documents. With the JobRouter® Cloud you can take advantage of digital process automation on the highest level, as well as integrated data management, and completely integrated and efficient document management. You have access to your digitalization platform from anywhere, without having to deal with installation and maintenance – anytime and individually adaptable. Your JobRouter® Cloud scales according to your requirements and processes and offers you the optimal basis for your digitalization projects. Design your processes with our Low-Code approach.

Benefit from the JobRouter® Cloud

  • Get started immediately

    Low initial costs, and nevertheless accessible immediately and without efforts: Get started immediately with your digital workflows.

  • Simple license model

    All essential JobRouter® functions for the administration and management of processes, data, and documents are included. This enables the depiction of numerous business models.

  • Access from anywhere

    By using the Cloud you have access to your processes, data, and documents from anywhere. Irrespective of the browser or the JobRouter® app on your mobile phone.

  • No own IT infrastructure required

    Avoid IT shortages and cushion order peaks. Additionally you benefit from the low operating costs.

  • Scaling according to your requirements

    Choose an environment that matches your requirements and can be adapted at any time.

JobRouter on different devices

Highest security level for the modern Cloud infrastructure

  • ISO-27001 certified data centers in Germany and the USA
  • AES encryption of all files
  • Automated integrity check for all documents
  • Individual VPN connection possible
  • Data and documents are stored for each customer separately
  • Automated load distribution
  • 99,95 percent platform availability

JobMind Cloud

JobMind Cloud is an AI-based platform for data extraction from your invoices. All relevant data from the invoice are read and provided to your workflow. The JobMind Cloud can be immediately used and integrated into the workflow within minutes. By using JobMind Cloud you can reduce your process costs and minimize lead times.

Benefit from the JobMind Cloud advantages:

Save money

Save operation costs for providing resources for OCR and data extraction. No costs for commissioning the solution and for operating system and data base licenses.

No efforts

With the JobMind Cloud you have no efforts for system maintenance and the performance of updates.

Intelligent learning mechanism

Intelligent learning mechanism
The JobMind Cloud is a learning system. With each analyzed document, the system automatically improves itself. The goal: increased data quality and optimized results.

Document-based billing

Billing is performed simply and transparently according to the number of documents. You can use the solution already with a small number of receipts, starting from 100 documents per month.

Scalable and combinable at any time

You can combine the JobMind Cloud with other JobRouter® offers (Cloud and On-Premise systems). Additionally, the solution is scalable at any time to enable the fast editing of high document volumes.

Your available JobMind Cloud package

JobMind Cloud Invoice

The Invoice package automatically extracts header and item data from invoices. An integrated learning mechanism supports you in data verification and optimises your workflows. All recognised data is immediately made available in the process and can then be used, for example, for archiving and the further course of the workflow.

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