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JobRouter® Cloud

Bring your digital office to the cloud with JobRouter® Digital Process Automation

Your processes, documents and data always available in the JobRouter® Cloud.

With the JobRouter® Cloud, you have access to your digitization platform from anywhere without having to worry about installation and maintenance. Your JobRouter® Cloud scales with your requirements and processes and gives you a perfect start into digitization. Access our low-code workflow functions and agile document management from anywhere and design your own process applications in the JobRouter® Cloud.

Your Benefit

Profit from JobRouter® Cloud Features

  • High availability
  • Scalable    
  • Immediately ready for use    
  • Access from anywhere

Public Cloud and Private Cloud

  • Access via the Internet

    You decide how to access the JobRouter® cloud. You can access the JobRouter® cloud via the Internet or via VPN access from your network. Access via the Internet is exclusively via a secure connection. You can also restrict access to certain IP addresses.

  • Access via VPN connection

    You can also integrate the cloud into your network via a secure VPN connection. You then only access your JobRouter® application from your network. Additional VPN connections can be added at any time.

  • interfaces

    Interfaces to other systems can be individually activated or created. Dedicated rules defined in the firewall, for example, allow traffic to a web service.

  • Backup

    JobRouter® takes care of the backup and security of your data. All processes as well as rights- and roles are documented and saved, your documents are stored revision-proof at any time.

The JobRouter Cloud utilizes top-tier data centers.

JobRouter® Cloud

Data Center

The JobRouter Cloud utilizes high-security data centers that are redundant, resilient and highly available. Redundant power feeds, cooling, fiber links, generators and battery backups are regularly inspected and audited to guarantee stability. Industry-leading hardware and equipment are combined with high bandwidth and low latency for maximum network performance. These top-tier data centers employ cutting-edge physical, fire and access security controls.

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