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Employee Onboarding Software

Streamline your employee onboarding with digital process automation, fully integrated into your business processes

Why use another HR tool if you can map your processes across departments with JobRouter®? Integrate new employees into your company efficiently and clearly right from the start!

When a vacant position in a company is filled, the new employee is happy and so are others. Supervisors, other employees and even partners may also be called on to play a role in employee onboarding and they need information as well. Additionally, related HR processes often run across departments and must be well documented. Securing personal data, adherence to compliance requirements and a clear rights-and-role structure are critical in these situations.

So before you decide on a tool, you should have the big picture in mind. What information, data and documents does the new employee need before and when he or she starts work? Which tasks, roles and information are linked to existing employees and how should they be secured?

The main goal should be to quickly integrate your new employees into the company as well as day-to-day business and to retain them for the long term. JobRouter® offers the perfect software for this.

Advantages of digital employee onboarding

  • Clear workflow for existing and new employees
  • Clear rights and role concept with release control
  • Automatic provision of information via selected channels (mailings, inboxes, notifications)
  • Automatic reminder of pending tasks
  • Fully documented process with transparent task management

JobRouter® - One software for all HR processes

A digital process that adapts individually to the processes and requirements of your company can be both a cost-effective solution and the starting point for your digital strategy. Rely on scalable software that adapts to existing systems and leaves room for future developments. In the long term, you benefit from a process structure that allows new employees to get started quickly.

The employee onboarding process is available as a ready-to-use JobRouter® Solution Template. The process template fits the JobRouter® environment perfectly, is installed quickly and can be adapted to a company needs if necessary. Learn more about our quick start apps for digital transformation!

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