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Business units & departments

JobRouter® lets the whole company work together – digitally, seamlessly, more effective.

Create digital processes and applications, depict them and benefit in the long-term: whether industry-specific or not, individual or standardized – our low-code platform helps you to reach your goals fast and efficiently!  With JobRouter© you can digitize the processes and flows according to the requirements of your company. Don’t accept option limitations by a tool.

  • The status quo is much more than just an update. JobRouter® enables traceability.

  • Finance Automation: Automating your financial management

  • Lila Würfel wird zu vielen weißen Würfeln gelegt

    Digitalize HR workflows with JobRouter® process automation

    Your HR team has to make tough decisions. JobRouter® helps: Digitize your HR department and get inspired by our deployment scenarios: Promoting decentralization ✔ Optimized customer orientation ✔ Transparency ✔ Simplified change management ➔ Learn more

  • Within your purchasing team every move has to fit. JobRouter® automates the additional manual effort.

  • The quality of your work is your greatest asset. JobRouter® verifies your processes.

  • Time is money. JobRouter® maximizes the output of your sales processes.

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