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JobRouter® Academy

Study in your own pace

Digital change is fast - secure your knowledge advantage with up-to-date information available at all times.

The JobRouter® Academy is your key to an interactive learning experience that is tailored to your learning success. Build up your general and specific know-how in all areas of process digitization and maintain existing knowledge in a structured way. On our blended learning platform you can now find webinars and explanatory videos on JobRouter® modules as well as training materials to supplement your practical phase on site.

Acquire skills and expertise as a process designer, administrator or user of the system. For the purpose of strategic employee development, there is also the opportunity to register employees for certification courses and train them to become digital experts in the company.

Simply log into the JobRouter® Academy, access all content anytime and anywhere and reduce attendance phases for training by up to 70 percent.

How about a basic process design training, for example?

The JobRouter® Academy currently offers basic training in process design and module webinars.

We are continuously expanding our offer. Soon you will have access to further learning content in the Academy, such as overview videos on the innovations in JobRouter® Version 5, the JobRouter® sales training or best practices and introductory videos on the JobRouter® Solution Templates.

Choose standard training courses

You can book these trainings via the JobRouter® Academy. Our offer is constantly being expanded.

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