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JobRouter® Academy

Study in your own pace

JobRouter® Academy

Anywhere, anytime - step by step becoming a digitization expert.

The JobRouter® Academy is your key to an interactive learning experience that you can customize perfectly to your learning success. Based on the blended learning concept, it combines e-learning with the advantages of classroom training. Academy users benefit from the interaction of different media as well as learning methods and can deepen their knowledge in all areas of the JobRouter® platform as well as process digitization. Acquire skills and expertise as a process designer, salesperson, administrator or as an end user of the platform.

For your individual learning success, you can access explanatory videos, scripts, quizzes and exercises after each training session. In addition, our competent Academy team is available to provide you with advice and support - learn from our experts.

Apply for an account now, access content from anywhere and at anytime, and keep attendance phases for training courses to a minimum! How about a basic process design training online, for example?

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Webinar recording | Effective start with JobRouter®

Abo models and current prices

Basic Advanced Premium
Basic access to the blended learning platform
Basic access to the blended learning platform
optionally bookable at cost One annual attendance day with our trainer included (in value of 1050€)
One annual attendance day with our trainer included (in value of 1050€) optionally bookable at cost
Monthly contingent of 60 minutes coaching for process design or administration
Monthly contingent of 60 minutes coaching for process design or administration
Extension of the coaching contingent is possible
Extension of the coaching contingent is possible
each additional 60 minutes per month: € 160
€ 39 per month € 119 per month € 279 per month
*Your price advantage is 90 € compared to a Basic Package + one attendance day.

Courses in Academy platform

End user

General introduction for end user.

  • Introduction guide
  • JobRouter® App
  • New features of JobRouter® versions

Process designer

Information on how to design a process in JobRouter®.

  • Process Design Basics (1 paid attendance day)
  • JobRouter Modules
  • JobRouter® App
  • JobRouter Recertification

System administrator

Information on how to install and administrate JobRouter®.

  • Administration and installation
  • JobRouter® Modules
  • New features of JobRouter® versions


Information on selling JobRouter.

  • Sales Training
  • End User Tutorial

New features of JobRouter platform

Information on the new features of JobRouter® platform.

  • JobRouter® 2023.1
  • JobRouter® 2022 LTS & STS
  • JobRouter® 5.2 and earlier versions


Information for developers.

  • Introduction of Java Script, PHP and SQL in JobRouter®
  • JobRouter® Academy is a proper place where you can be up-to-date with the new JobRouter® improvements, in an hands-on manner, with a fully functional development environment. It is a way to enhance our enthusiasm in order to deliver better services for our clients and for better understanding of technical solutions we can rely on when a new project starts. The principle is that the digital journey is a long road where client and JobRouter team are hand-by-hand involved. I always like to say that if you can imagine and describe a process, we can develope it in JobRouter®.

    Dan Benta
    Dan Benta
    IT Project Manager
    Beck et al. Services SRL
  • All the processes that we have digitized run reliably. I've been involved since the beginning and thanks to the training courses at JobRouter® I now design the processes completely myself.

    Stefan Brand
    Site IS Manager
    Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles Germany GmbH (Valeo TCV)

Our Trainers

  • Patrick Meyhöfer

    Patrick Meyhöfer

    Senior Trainer / Content Analyst

  • Jessica Maik

    Jessica Maik

    Trainer Blended Learning

  • Antonina Markysh

    Antonina Markysh

    International Partner Manager

Key Figures JobRouter® Academy

> 510

hours of online trainings in 2022

> 700

users around the world



Frequently asked questions

What is JobRouter® Academy?

JobRouter® Academy is an online platform specifically designed for training and education in the use of the JobRouter® platform. There, users can find comprehensive courses, tutorials, and resources to improve their skills in working with JobRouter.

Who can use JobRouter® Academy?

JobRouter Academy is for anyone who works with JobRouter, regardless of their experience level. It is of service to all who wish to expand or deepen their knowledge of the JobRouter platform.

Do I have to pay for the JobRouter® Academy courses?

The 14-day trial access with limited content is free of charge. To access all content, you need a paid subscription. The exact details on the costs can be found here.

How do I register for the JobRouter® Academy?

To take full advantage of our course offerings as well as our classroom trainings, it is possible to subscribe for your access here.

Will I receive a certificate after completing a course?

Yes, after successful completion of some courses, participants receive an official certificate from JobRouter confirming their participation and acquired skills.

Is there any support or help for general questions or in case I run into problems during the course?

Yes, as JobRouter® Academy team we offer you help at any time. Just send us an email at

How can I manage my account?

If you want to transfer your account to someone else or terminate it, we provide the process for doing so via the following link: Academy Access Management.

I can't access content in the course. What should I do?

Some of our courses have a learning path. You must complete each module with at least 80% success to unlock the next module. In addition, some courses include a classroom training session. Only after you have completed the classroom training (online/onsite) will you be able to unlock additional content.

What are classroom trainings?

In some courses (e.g. Process Design Basics) a classroom training (online or onsite) with one of our trainers is planned. This is a mandatory training to complete the course and to receive a certificate. Please contact the Academy team to schedule a date for such a training.

What should I do if I need more than the standard training offered or a little bit of everything?

If this is the case, we offer you individual training. We will discuss your training needs together and create an individual training concept. In this way, we aim to cover every area and need. Please contact us at

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