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JobRouter® use cases in your HR department

Digitalize HR workflows with JobRouter® process automation

The progress in digital structures changes even your HR department – and gains importance. Thereby less administrative tasks shall remain on the agenda. The focus will be on creative and intelligent activities within the company environment. This assumes that former complex processes are being digitalized, automatized and linked to the according data, departments, and employees.

Greater flexibility of working structures, further development of the company structure, and the preparation of employees for digital transformation are the new priorities of today. To gain time for these strategic and value-adding activities, administrative processes have to run efficiently to disburden the HR staff. Digitalization in HR brings greater convenience and security for all employees, and decision-makers should take a close look at the benefits for their company:

Your benefit

Digitalization with JobRouter® brings added value for HR

  • Promotion of decentralism and location-independent collaboration
  • Optimized client orientation and just-in-time solutions
  • Transparency in staff responsibility
  • Simplified change management and media-break free information exchange
  • Clear rights and role management
  • Integrated escalation and representative management
  • Establishment and enforcement of company-wide policies
  • Control over access, data and process status at any time
  • (Partial) automation of time-consuming paperwork
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Reduction of error-prone or ambiguous processes

JobRouter® use cases for your HR department

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