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Agile document management

Bring flexible document management into the company - anywhere, anytime

Smart, agile, individual: Document management with the JobRouter® digitization platform.

At the heart of the JobRouter® digitization platform is a powerful workflow engine that enables flexible and sustainable digital enterprise transformation. Components such as intelligent document recognition, versatile system activities and content management functions round off the platform's offering and form automated, end-to-end business processes.

This approach allows agile work on and with documents:

Each process is subject to a sophisticated rights and role management system that controls access to documents and distributes tasks accordingly. Each employee therefore sees exactly what they are allowed to see and only receives the editing options that their rights settings allows. All steps and changes are always documented so that transparency and traceability are increased while sources of error are reduced.

JobRouter® data integration with other applications

JobRouter interfaces enable your company to integrate data with other applications. You can integrate ERP systems such as SAP, or various other systems like CRM or Finance systems, into your processes. This allows you to bring the appropriate data into your JobRouter® digital processes according to your needs and write data back into the respective systems after processing.

JobRouter® is an integrated solution for managing your documents, data and content in combination with powerful process digitization and automation. We call this agile document management!

These enhancements facilitate day-to-day business with documents and data.

At the heart of the modular JobRouter® digitization platform is a powerful workflow engine that controls all processes throughout the enterprise. This means consistent, individual processes with a lot of special space!

Solution modules for the realization of agile document management

JobRouter® gets the most out of your documents

Where Enterprise Content Management (ECM) reaches its limits in the world of structured data, JobRouter ® completely opens up the world of structured data to you.


Input management with JobStart

With JobRouter® you are able to map all areas of document management. Starting with input management, the JobStart module allows you to automatically import invoices and receipts from directories and e-mail accounts into JobRouter® processes and process them further.


Process documents in process with JobPDF, JobViewer & JobArchive

These documents can be separated, merged or converted into other common formats by the JobPDF module in the course of the subsequent process. You can then store the documents in the JobRouter® archive in a file system under process control and with the appropriate index data. The documents can then be searched for using suitable terms by individual users based on their rights and displayed in the display component of the  JobViewer module.

Holistic corporate digitization with JobRouter®

With JobRouter® you have an integrated solution for mapping your processes with a user interface and a clear license model. In addition, you have a perfect integration of your documents with input and output management, where the exact sequence and actions of the individual documents can be mapped in a completely process-oriented manner.


Intelligent document recognition in practice - JobMind

In the construction industry it is common to manually change position data on invoices. In JobRouter®, changes can be made directly and conveniently on the invoice using the integrated viewer. JobMind automatically takes over the calculations of the new amounts and returns them to the corresponding process.

Output management with JobRouter®

With JobRouter® you are also able to completely handle output management. With the JobPDF module, you can create completely self-designed PDF documents from the collected process data, with which you can, for example, generate your outgoing invoices including a logo and much more.

The documents can be sent fully automatically by e-mail or printed on various network printers. Of course, you can store the documents again in the JobRouter® archive after they have been generated.

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