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Case Handling / RDM

Improve communications in an agile environment

JobRouter® streamlines order processing for IT service. Whether a new request, a change, an error message or just a simple request, all scenarios can be mapped with the JobRouter® ticket process.

Supply and demand form the basis of business capability. If demand is high, business must be good! Sounds plausible, but if inquiries, requests or feedback from customers and partners are not processed efficiently and business processes are not adapted flexibly and promptly to market changes, frustration and poor ratings can result. These can damage the business in the long run. What can the solution be?

Companies use a provisional in-house helpdesk or distribute requests from customers, partners, and suppliers to employees. The fly in the ointment: no predefined procedures exist.

Processing tickets without appropriate automation often results in manually searching CRM and ERP systems for information and communicating by e-mail or telephone. It can happen that requests are sent several times or actions are repeated. It can also result in actions that are not recorded correctly and are not traceable.

A perfectly coordinated ticket process can help to prioritize requests, assign them correctly and ensure more transparency over the course of the process. This increases satisfaction on all sides: internally and externally.


Your benefit

Advantages of automated Release & Deployment Management:

  • Security and transparency of the request process (agent, status)
  • Facilitated information exchange & communication protocol
  • Simplified management view (all open inquiries, activities performed)
  • Simplified invoicing through tracking
  • No follow-up costs
  • No limitation of users at process level

Our solution:

JobRouter® Case Handling Solution Template

With the JobRouter® Solution Template: Release & Deployment Management you can reliably manage inquiries, complaints or requests and offer your customers and partners the greatest possible transparency about status! The template can be installed, configured and is ready for use in just a few hours. Additional modification is of course possible at any time.

What would you like to do next?

  • Buy a Solution Template

    Want to get started right away? This process and others already exist as a ready-to-implement solution. We can quickly and easily adapt the standard to your unique requirements and your company structure.

  • Solution Template

    Case handling & RDM with JobRouter®

    With JobRouter® Solution Template: Release & Deployment Management you can reliably manage inquiries, complaints or requests.

  • Use Cases

    Contract Management with JobRouter®

    An optimally defined contract management process supports the entire customer lifecycle because it covers all steps that include, process or require contract data.

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