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JobRouter® & Microsoft Office

Integrate Microsoft documents into digital processes

Do you use Microsoft Office to handle your day-to-day business? The JobRouter® digitization platform offers you different options to integrate Microsoft Office into your digital processes. Two modules are available for Office integration:

  1. Office Add-in for the upload of documents to the Document Hub,
  2. Office Viewer enabling you to view and edit Office documents within the process.

Office Add-in

You can use the Office Add-in in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to upload open files to the Document Hub. During the active session it is possible to permanently update the files in the Document Hub or upload new documents. Additionally you can use the add-in for archiving Office documents in JobArchive. The Add-in works in the Desktop installation as well as in Office Online. You can install it manually or download it from the Microsoft Store.

Office Viewer

By using the Office Viewer it is possible to display and edit Office documents, which are attached to a process, directly within the process. On the one hand, there is a new dialog integration “Office Online” to do so now, on the other hand, you have the possibility to open and edit documents in Office Online by using the Attachment button “Office documents”. Through Office functions, such as Track Changes or the Comment function, you can work with other documents conveniently and transparently. Following the process, you may archive your documents e.g. in JobArchive. These documents can be opened directly for editing in Office Online using archive views. While editing, the documents are locked, so no one else can change the documents during that time and store them as a new version in the archive after unlocking.

Please note that a Microsoft Office account is required for this function. You can request your personal access here.

Your advantage

Features and Advantages

  • Open Microsoft documents right from the workflow
  • View and edit Microsoft documents within JobRouter® processes
  • Upload documents from Microsoft Office directly into the Document Hub
Microsoft Office Word Integration
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