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JobRouter® Deployment scenarios in the Quality Management Department

The quality of your work is your greatest asset. JobRouter® verifies your processes.

Digital processes are on the move: They are global, fast and mobile. Companies, clients and partners explore continuously new interaction channels, posing a challenge especially for the quality management. Quality management contains all actions, processes, employees and management involved in all steps of the process, from the planning through the control up to the verification of product quality. This contains unpleasant tasks, which are experienced as efforts or have to be in line with specific standards, such as ISO 9001:2015.The interaction between standards and developments like the Industrie 4.0 leads to the adjustment of the quality systems to your demands – creating a better transparency. The certification according to ISO 9001 requires the regular calibration, maintenance and inspection of the different test equipment. The manual documentation and prove of it is an unprofitable solution, though these mechanisms are critical and determining the success of the company.

Decision makers must define the processes and structures along the whole value chain newly to profit from the digital technology. So the quality management is facing the challenge to transform Big Data into Smart Data, as there is no more time for time-intensive processes or extensive quality function deployment. A pre-defined rights system and automated assignment ensures that checklists, e-mails and repeated enquiries are a thing of the past

Your added value for Quality Management

  • Fast and agile fixing of quality deficiencies
  • Maximization of company’s outcome capability
  • Prevention of verification and documentation mistakes
  • Automatized maintenance and management
  • Guaranteed fulfillment of legal guidelines and deadlines
  • Reduced process and inspection costs
  • Anytime access to information regarding all operating materials
  • Networking of all relevant systems
  • More agile and intensive handling of change projects
  • Central update of data from different sites, departments and processes

An adapted and individualized verification planning and an inline verification planning will have priority, based on systematically managed and documented test information. So it gets possible to convert individual client demands in product and then in process characteristics – very fest or even in real-time – and manage efficiently.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard also changes the position of the quality manager, as now not only the client but all groups involved, such as suppliers or cooperation partners, are integrated into the quality management success measurement. Quality managers will become rather organization developers or consultants on executive level. They help to ensure product design quality and service processes. This also includes: digitized process modelling, continuous improvement processes, auditing and audit-proof documentation, as well as knowledge exchange and transparency. These automated and digitalized processes free up resources and lead to savings that can be used otherwise.

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